Poyang, Jiangxi:A puddle appears in the polder

By yqqlm yqqlm

The Poyang Lake continued to maintain a high water level, which brought a lot of flood control pressure to the polders along the coast. This morning (14th), a company of the 72 Army Group in the eastern theater of Jiangxi received orders, a large number of pipes in the Raohewei embankment, a small area of ​​the embankment collapsed, and the officers and men quickly rushed to the scene to deal with the danger.

Dangerous Raohewei dike protects Poyang County Raofeng Town and Sanmiaoqian Township 120,000 Population and more than 100,000 acres of fields. After receiving the call for help, more than 50 people from a company of the 72 Army quickly dispatched to the scene and quickly repaired the pipe.

Yan Yihan, a company commander of the 72 Group Army:mainly used snakeskin bags to pack the soil, build a good barrier, and form a (enclosure). The spring is mainly surrounded by the spring. Let this The water pressure in the internal pond is equal to the water pressure flowing from this spring.

After three hours of uninterrupted work, the officers and soldiers carried more than 1,600 sandbags, and successfully enclosed the pipe by means of building a well. (Guo Yichun Yang Lin Li Ke, CCTV reporter)