Premier League-Jimenez World Bolwood shoots in stoppage time Wolves 1-1 Burnley

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Live broadcast on July 16th at 01:00, July 16, Beijing time, in the 36th round of the Premier League, Burnley vs. Wolves . In the first half of the game, the two sides had mutual offensive and defensive but no achievements. In the second half of the game, Trayley spurred the attack, Jimenez volleyed Breaking the goal, stoppage time, Doherty handball point, Wood equalized the score. Eventually the two sides drew 1-1.

In the last round of the league, Burnley draw 1-1 away to Liverpool, the champion of the league, ending the opponent’s home win streak. The team currently ranks 10th in the league with 50 points. The Wolves defeated Everton 3-0 in the last round, ending their two-game losing streak. They are currently ranked sixth in the league with 55 points, 4 points away from the previous Manchester United. In the lineup of both parties, Wood and Rodriguez are at the top of Burnley. Traore and Jimenez played for the Wolves.

In the 9th minute, Traore made a cross from the right and Jimenez made a high jump for the header, but the goalkeeper took the angle directly. ↓

Two minutes later, the Wolves got a corner kick, Moutinho sent the ball directly into the penalty area, and Seth flew the ball against the defensive player. ↓

In 20 minutes, Traore forced a bottom pass from the right side of the road, and Pop took the ball out of the bottom line. ↓

In 23 minutes, Burnley directly looked for the frontcourt in the backcourt, and Wood, Rodriguez, and Westwood’s shots were blocked. ↓

In 32 minutes, the Wolves launched an offensive on the right, Brown Hill barbed the ball and Neves greeted the non-stop ball and shot the ball high. In 36 minutes, Rodriguez received a long pass from his teammates in the penalty area. After the chest stopped the ball, he directly volleyed the ball. Unfortunately, the ball directly went above the goal. ↓

In 40 minutes, the Wolves counterattacked, and Bodens passed the ball to the penalty area on the left. If the tower scored the ball, it shot at the close angle, but unfortunately the ball hit the goal side net. ↓

In 44 minutes, Burnley counterattacked brilliantly. Gwiz Mensson made a precise pass on the left to find his teammate. Rodriguez’s shot after the stop was blocked by the defensive player. ↓

In 46 minutes, Traore received a pass from his teammate and volleyed directly after a pass on his right foot. Unfortunately, the ball missed the goal. ↓

In 52 minutes, Bordens quickly drew the ball to attract four defensive players and then scored. Jimenez shook the ball continuously after shaking. ↓

In 56 minutes, Burnley sent the ball to the frontcourt with big feet. Both the offensive player and the defensive player failed to touch the ball at the first point. Brown Hill shot into the penalty area and shot with a right foot. Neville Sri Lanka predicted in advance to block the ball. ↓

63 minutes, if the tower takes the ball to the middle after the front of the frontcourt, Jimenez’s low shot after the ball misses the goal. ↓

After 75 minutes, Traore scored a ball in the backcourt and quickly broke through. After getting rid of multiple defensive players and dividing to the left, Doherty shot and was shot by the tower Korkovsky blocked, Jimenez volleyed the ball directly into the volley, Wolves took the lead 1-0 away. ↓

In 86 minutes, the Wolves took a quick free kick and Traore’s shot to the penalty area was released by Pop. ↓

In 92 minutes, Vdella headed back and Wood faced the header of the half-empty goal but missed the goal! ↓

In 93 minutes, Wood will make up for the effort. Although the barb shot in Wood’s penalty area failed to touch the ball, Dolty handed the ball, Wood himself Penalty kick taken, hitting the top right corner of the goal, Burnley equalized the score, 1-1. ↓

At the end of the game, the two sides drew 1-1.

Burnley starters:1-Pop, 3-Taylor (29’7 Gwiz Mensson), 5-Tarkovsky, 26-Badsley, 28-Kay Wen Long, 8-Brown Hill (84’12-Brady), 11-McNeil, 18-Westwood, 23-Peters, 9-Wood, 19-Rodriguez (50 ’27-Videla)

Substitutes:, 15-Picok Farrell, 33-Thompson, 34-Dune, 41-Benson, 44-Goodrich, 45- Driscoll Glennon

Wolves start:11-Patricio; 16-Cody, 27-Seth, 15-Boli; 37-Traore, 29-dimensional Nagre (86’19-Joni), 28-Moutinho, 8-Neves; 9- Jimenez (83’32-Dendonker), 10-Bodens (69’2- Doherty), 18-Jota (77’7-Netto)

Replacement:21-Rudy, 6-Jordan, 17-Gibbs-White, 49-Kilman , 59-Boolean.