Putin’s referendum to amend the constitution, can you be rewarded?

By ddzyx

In January 2020, Russian President Vladimir·PutinWhen publishing the State of the Union Address, he proposed to amend the Constitution and called on Russian citizens to vote on the amendments to the Constitution, which caused public concern. The referendum on the draft constitution amendment begins on June 25 and ends on July 1. What is the significance of amending the constitution? Is Putin deploying ahead of time for the”post-Putin era”? Russian philosopher and political theorist Alexander Duginte wrote an article for Observer Network to share his insights.

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To understand the significance of Russian constitutional reform, it is necessary to put it in historical context for analysis.

The 1993 Constitution was passed hurriedly, and it was the result of pro-Western extreme liberal forces. Therefore, this constitution is a tile of the Western bourgeois democratic constitution, which is no different from the Western bourgeois democratic constitution. However, as far as the specific situation in 1993 is concerned, it is important that pro-Western liberals give Yeltsin—a weak president who is completely under their control—by reducing the power of the Russian Federation Council and other representative bodies. . Although this constitution has liberal authoritarianism, it is based on the fact that Russia will fully integrate into a Western-centric world in the future.

Yetchin’s successor, Putin, used the high powers granted to the president by the Constitution to begin to strengthen Russian sovereignty and to shift from liberalism to realism in international relations.

Putin has been very satisfied with the Constitution during his 20 years in power and has always followed his main model-patriotism + liberalism. Putin’s main strategy is to balance the opposite poles:neither to be too close to the other at the expense of one, nor to break the balance between the two. But only Putin himself can achieve this balance. When Putin entered the fourth term stipulated by the Constitution, he considered the continuity of his ruling line. This is what everyone thinks of the purpose of the constitutional reform plan:to amend the 1993 Constitution to the situation formed during his administration, and write some important line adjustments into the Basic Law of the Russian Federation.

Therefore, it was decided to add some patriot clauses to the Constitution——

•Prohibition Officials have foreign nationality;

•The fundamental status of the Russian people;

•Reference to God;

•The marriage is a man and a woman Combine.

Amending the constitution is considered to be Putin’s contract with his successor.

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Putin verifies his identity at the polling station, source:Russian Satellite Network

But there are also problems. The excessive transition of the Constitution to patriotism immediately triggered resistance from pro-Western liberal elites, thus breaking the balance Putin cherished. The liberals forced Putin to limit the amendments and soften the wording, which ultimately made these”innovations” less important. In addition, the redistribution of power among agencies and departments has led to the deterioration of the relationship between the different powers, and also revealed the innocence of Putin. Originally he just wanted to promote the harmony between the lower departments, and the result was a new round of confrontation. Because different ruling factions understood constitutional reform as Putin’s preparation to step down, they regarded this as a signal of the beginning of a power struggle.

After the constitutional reform began, Putin apparently changed his original plan. Putin did not strengthen the federal government whose powers were vague (he might have planned to gradually hand over power to the next president who he controlled in some way), nor did he weaken the power of the president, but proposed a completely different Suggest. Now, his idea is to legalize the re-election for two consecutive terms, that is, he will continue to be in power. This was a proposal by the old astronaut Tereshkova (translation:the first female astronaut to enter space, a member of the House of Commons), which has since become the main content of the vote. At present, those small changes in the constitution as a whole that are conservative in nature have become secondary; the referendum has been delineated, that is, to put Putin in power to legalize it.

Those who are counting on changes in the political system, both liberals and patriots, are disappointed, and this disappointment is further amplified by the new crown epidemic. Under the epidemic, most Russians have a negative attitude towards the actions of the administrative organs. Therefore, this vote is actually to extend the status quo indefinitely. All those who wish to change will either vote against the amendment or they will not vote. Those who are satisfied with Putin’s endless ruling and satisfied with the liberal + patriotic model-whether they are aware of it or not-will vote in favour.

Obviously, the enthusiasm for this referendum is not high at all, even for those who voted for Putin before. However, opponents of the amendment-mainly liberals-confirmed the fact that many people voted against Putin himself, but against liberals themselves. Putin’s hesitation between liberalism and patriotism is no longer attractive to all activists in these two poles of society.

That’s it, Putin:

•Refused to solve the problem of inheritance and inheritance;

•The clarification of Russia’s future path was postponed again, even Removed from the agenda;

•Turning the constitutional reform (voting) into another vote of trust/no-confidence in yourself.

Since then, he has reserved the right to implement policies exactly as he wishes, regardless of ideology. Despite the generally reasonable revision of the constitution in a patriotic (conservative) manner, Putin can still maintain an ambiguous attitude to the new version of the constitution and still retain his liberal authoritarian model.

In international politics, voting means that everything remains the same. Putin will continue to follow the same path, neither leaning towards liberals nor patriots, nor breaking the balance.

Source|Observer Network