Qiannan Prefecture, Guizhou, responds to the debts of Dushan and Sandu

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Since last year, historical issues concerning Dushan County and Sandu County have received public opinion Attention, some media put forward suggestions and suggestions to solve the problem through reports. We deeply appreciate this. In response to the problems of Pan Zhili, the former county party secretary of Dushan County, and Liang Jiageng, the former county party secretary of Sandu County, blindly borrowed to build image projects and political achievement projects, Qiannan PrefectureAccording to the requirements of the central government and the province, in line with the principle of facing the problem without evading it, we are taking various measures to step up the rectification. The relevant information is now reported as follows:

First, the basic situation of the historical issues

Dushan County, Sandu County was originally a poor county. For a long time, infrastructure was weak, industry development was slow, and there were many shortcomings in livelihood projects. In order to speed up economic and social development, in recent years, the two counties have absorbed funds for project construction through financing. As of the end of June 2020, the government debt balance of Dushan County was 13.568 billion yuan, the government debt balance of Sandu County was 9.747 billion yuan, and the rest was corporate debt. After investigation, most of the funds absorbed in the financing of Dushan County and Sandu County were used for infrastructure construction, poverty alleviation, and livelihood projects, which played a good role. However, during this process, Pan Zhili, the former county party secretary of Dushan County, and Liang Jiageng, the former county party secretary of Sandu County, had serious deviations in their political performance. In the absence of research and demonstration, they rushed to make quick gains, and blindly raised debts for the ancient city and water department. The construction of performance projects and image projects such as buildings and racetracks has led to the rapid expansion of the number of newly started projects, the scale of local debt is too large, and the debt risk is outstanding. Some projects have become tail-end projects.

Second, the handling of the responsible person

For the problems existing in Dushan County and Sandu County, The Guizhou Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government, Qiannan State Party Committee and State Government have repeatedly exhorted, interviewed and even held accountable Pan Zhili and Liang Jiageng, but Pan Zhili and Liang Jiageng still have orders and prohibitions.

On June 22, 2018, the Guizhou Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection issued a message that Liang Jiageng was expelled from the party and public office for serious violations of discipline and law. After investigation, Liang Jiageng violated political discipline and ignored the Party Central Committee’s important decision-making and deployment of poverty alleviation. Entering into an offensive and defensive alliance with others to confront organizational review. Participating in superstition activities runs counter to the beliefs of communists; violates the spirit of the eight central regulations, engages in formalism and bureaucracy, refuses to implement major decisions made by party organizations, disregards the will of the masses, violates rules of procedure, makes head decisions; violates integrity discipline , To receive gifts that may affect the fair performance of official duties. Use the influence of the position to seek private benefits for its sub-business activities; violate work discipline, interfere with law enforcement activities; violate life discipline; violate national laws and regulations, use the convenience of the position to seek benefits for others, solicit and accept others’ property. In March 2019, the Intermediate People’s Court of Qiandongnan Prefecture found that Liang Jiageng had committed bribery and sentenced him to 10 years in prison. After the sentence was pronounced, Liang Jiageng pleaded guilty and served the sentence without appealing.

On August 1, 2019, the Guizhou Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection issued a message that Pan Zhili was expelled from his party and public office for serious violations of discipline and law. After investigation, Pan Zhili severely violated political discipline and rules, and refused to implement the Party Central Committee’s policy on the protection of cultivated land, resulting in a large number of cultivated land and basic farmland being occupied by illegal and illegal rectification and implementation of land violations and violations found by the state inspection. Do not resolutely engage in perfunctory rectification; blindly borrowing on projects in spite of people’s livelihood, leading to a continuous increase in government debt risks; failing to ask the organization for instructions and reporting major issues; arguing against the organization’s review; ineffective implementation of comprehensive and strict governance of the party’s main body, leading to Dushan County The political ecology has deteriorated. Violating the spirit and integrity of the eight central regulations, his or her son alone or acquiesced in accepting the property of the management service object. Violating organizational discipline, failing to report personal related matters as required; when organizing inquiries, failing to truthfully explain the problem. Violating the provisions of national laws and regulations, using the convenience of the post to seek benefits for others, illegally accepting other people’s property, the amount is particularly large, suspected of bribery crime; violating the decision to sell land at a low price, causing national economic losses, the situation is particularly serious, and the crime of abuse of power is suspected . In April 2020, the Anshun Intermediate People’s Court publicly pronounced Pan Zhili’s case of bribery and abuse of power in the first instance, punished several crimes, and decided to execute a 12-year prison sentence. After the sentencing, Pan Zhili appealed.

After Pan Zhili and Liang Jiageng were investigated and investigated by the Provincial Commission of Discipline Inspection of Guizhou Province, the disciplinary inspection and supervision agencies at the state and county levels paid close attention to government debt, political achievement projects, and image projects Intensified supervision and inspection of the project, the bad-end project, and severely investigated and punished a group of cadres. Since 2018, Qiannan Prefecture has investigated and punished 17 county-level leading cadres in Dushan and Sandu counties (9 in Dushan county and 8 in Sandu county), and 14 section-level cadres (8 in Dushan county and Sandu county). 6 people). On October 25, 2019, Qiannan Prefecture, Dushan County, and Sandu County held the”Pan Zhi Initiated Case, Liang Jiageng Case” rectification warning education conference, and took the Pan Zhi Initiated Case and Liang Jiageng Case as mirrors and warnings. We must draw a profound lesson, thoroughly eliminate the influence, strengthen the strict management of the party and govern the party, and effectively promote the gradual restoration of the political ecology of Dushan and Sandu counties. Through strong correction, the work of the two counties quickly returned to the track focused on combating poverty and improving people’s livelihood. On March 3 this year, upon application at the county level, preliminary examination at the city (state) level, and the Guizhou Provincial Poverty Alleviation and Development Leading Group, a third-party evaluation agency was commissioned to conduct special evaluation inspections and public announcements. Dushan County and Sandu County are in line with national poverty The county withdraws from the standard to achieve poverty alleviation.

Three. Regarding the disposal of historical legacy issues

For Dushan County and Sandu County With regard to the problem, Qiannan Prefecture, under the supervision, guidance and help of the province, resolutely shouldered its responsibility for rectification and adopted a series of rectification measures.

First, comprehensive investigation. Developed and issued a series of documents such as”Notice on Comprehensive Investigation and Remediation of”Image Project” and”Achievement Project”, and comprehensive investigation and rectification of state-owned government investment projects. . The second is overall planning and rectification. Set up special classes for work, formulate rectification plans for image projects of political performance projects, refine work measures, and promote rectification work in a coordinated manner through slowdown, continuation, conversion, downsizing, etc. The third is to establish rules and regulations. Establish a long-term restraint mechanism, standardize and strengthen government investment project management, strictly implement construction procedures, resolutely curb unrealistic and greedy projects, effectively prevent and control investment risks, and increase government investment project supervision. The fourth is the upright era. Promote rectification of ideology, education, style, rectification of discipline, rectification of systems, rectification of benchmarks, etc. in a coordinated manner, deepen the cure of both the symptoms and the symptoms, and continue to consolidate the upright and upright political ecology. Fifth, resolve debts. Guide and standardize the prevention and resolution of local government debt risks in Dushan and Sandu counties, revitalize land resources, broaden the source of debt repayment, integrate high-quality state-owned assets to revitalize debts, and innovate asset disposal methods to improve asset liquidity efficiency. Sixth, supervision and guidance. The progress of the weekly rectification and improvement work, monthly special work scheduling meetings are held to strengthen classified guidance, precise implementation, and continuously improve the relevance and effectiveness of the project rectification.

Through the above measures, the rectification and disposal of historical issues in Dushan and Sandu counties have achieved staged results. Dushan County carried out a comprehensive review of the projects under construction, categorized and implemented policies, actively sought state support and attracted social capital investment for accelerated projects, and all the”optimization plans” have been formulated for optimized construction projects, and they have been organized to form a project system treatment plan. . Work has been suspended for the construction-stopped projects and the audit settlement has been initiated. Sandu County has accelerated the six types of”must-do” projects such as poverty alleviation, industrial development, education and medical treatment, and steadily promoted 13 types of”suspend-to-do” projects such as characteristic town construction and park projects, and resolutely stopped large parks, large venues, and large 6 types of projects, such as archways, that cannot benefit the masses in the short term. By strengthening investment promotion and revitalizing assets, the two counties have promoted a number of projects such as Jingxingu Hotel (Shuisi Building), Wanhu Shuizhai, University City, and”Three Great Temples”. By raising funds and reducing the scale, a number of projects such as Ziwei Avenue, Century Avenue and Xihuan Avenue (south and north sections) were completed and put into operation. At the same time, the timely suspension of construction canceled a number of projects that were not closely related to people’s livelihood and inconsistent with local development, such as”Legendary Film and Television City”,”Languguan Scenic Spot” and”Xiasibuyihuahai”.

Next, Qiannan Prefecture will resolutely implement the decision-making deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, and firmly establish the correct political achievements in accordance with the requirements and arrangements of the Provincial Committee and the Provincial Government View and development concept, fully draw lessons, keep a close eye on the rectification of problems, urge and guide Dushan and Sandu counties to consolidate poverty alleviation achievements, minimize losses, do everything possible to revitalize resources, and continue to promote economic and social healthy development for a long time.

We sincerely welcome the news media to carry out objective and true reporting and supervision on the progress of Dushan and Sandu counties in resolving issues related to historical legacy. But at the same time, it also noticed that a small number of people on the Internet repeatedly hyped”old news” and made malicious associations. For deliberately confusing concepts, creating rumors, and intending to form public opinion pressure through misleading, seeking improper interests in handling related issues, etc., the public security organs will follow the law Investigate. It takes a certain amount of time and a process to completely solve the problems left over by history. We sincerely hope to get the understanding and support of public opinion! Although the process is difficult, I hope the results will not disappoint the people. Thank you again for your care and help!

Qiannan Prefecture People’s Government Press Office

July 16, 2020