Qiao Xin interprets the workplace style wear, white sweater with brown short skirt, simple and stylish

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Hello everyone.

Every July, a group of new graduates enter the workplace, and the transition from students to white-collar ladies is still quite large. In addition to working to earn wages, you should also pay attention to the dress of this work, dressing well and being fashionable is a must. How do you wear it? Today, I saw a group of workplace dresses of beautiful women Qiao Xin, which looks pretty good. It is worth learning.

Qiao Xin is a beautiful girl with a slender, tall figure and temperament And clothing are quite good. And the clothes she wears most are very daily items. They are simple, refreshing and intellectual when paired together. At the same time, they have a lively and flexible temperament, which is very suitable for wearing at work. Let’s take a look at her workplace styles today.

Look1, white shirt + denim wide-leg pants + white word sandals, simple, fresh and intellectual

The white shirt is a very common item, which is very suitable for work wear. Qiao Xin’s white shirt is a small lapel shirt with a round neck and a round head, which is cute. Tenderer than that kind of pointed collar shirt, and more feminine. Although it is simple to wear in the workplace, the color is simple, and the style can be relatively ladylike, so that it is not too rigid.

Her white shirt sleeves are also very design Yes, the cuffs are petal-shaped cuffs made of elastic bands, it looks very sweet. This design gives this shirt some elegant and sweet charm. very nice.

Qiao Xin’s denim with a micro speaker Leg pants, tuck the shirt into the pants, it is neat and elegant. Denim wide-leg pants can be worn in companies that don’t dress well. If your company does not allow it to be worn, you can change to black or khaki pants. She wore a pair of white sandals on her feet, which was more elegant. When you go to work, you need to wear shoes with heels.

Look2, brown check short-sleeved sweater + white straight trousers, stylish atmosphere and capable

Many girls are used to wearing T-shirts in summer. T-shirts usually wear well at home or when shopping. But it is still too casual to go to work. Then it would be nice to wear a checked sweater. This one like Qiao Xin wears very well, her color is very beautiful, brown plaid, fashion atmosphere and high-level sense. The neckline is also stitched with blue, which is quite layered.

The effect of this knitted short-sleeved top and T-shirt is similar , But relatively formal. The main difference is the fabric. The knitted short sleeves are thicker than the T-shirts, the texture is clearer and more feminine. Choosing an atmospheric color, relatively loose knitted short-sleeved work wear is very decent.

Qiao Xin’s bottom is paired with a white straight tube Pants, these pants are high-waisted pants, tucked into the pants, neat and capable. The coat is in earth tones, combined with white, refreshing and high-level. She wears a pair of thin sandals with high heels on her feet, which is stylish and elegant. Lady-like sandals and slippers like this are also suitable for work.

Look3, black and white small plaid jacket + large lapel shirt + black loose shorts, sweet, elegant and intellectual

A lot of companies are fully air-conditioned, and it is still a bit cold to wear short sleeves at work. Then a small coat of spare parts is necessary. This black and white checkered coat like Qiao Xin is very suitable. Not too thick, the colors are very versatile, and can match almost any color. The short coat looks pretty neat.

She wore a white shirt inside, this one The shirt is particularly trendy, with a large lapel decorated with wide fungus ears. This kind of shirt with an exaggerated collar is particularly popular this year. The cuffs are also decorated with fungus ears, which looks retro and romantic and feminine. The bottom is paired with a pair of black high-waisted shorts. This kind of pants with loose legs is very good to wear at work. It has the feel of an A skirt, but it is more convenient. The trouser legs are slightly longer, and they look good with a shirt or T-shirt.

Look4, brown suit + white knitted small cardigan + brown high waist skirt, intellectual and lively

Knitted cardigan is a very popular item, but it is quite suitable for work. Qiao Xin wore a white knitted cardigan, which is a relatively loose style. She buckled up the button and wore it as a V-neck sweater, which was elegant, stylish and neat. The bottom is paired with a brown high-waisted short skirt, which is quite design, the skirt is asymmetrical, the side is a normal skirt, and the side is stitched with ruffles, which is romantic and fashionable.

She added a brown to the white sweater Suit, this suit and color are the same as the skirt, this is a good set. Don’t wear a suit that is too big for work and can be looser, but the shoulders and sleeves must be suitable so that it looks smart and neat.

Okay, I’ve talked about Qiao Xin’s outfit today. Do you like her outfit?

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