“QQ freeze” discussion is crazy! Tencent emergency response

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At noon on the 15th, a large number of QQ users reported that their accounts were frozen for no reason. After several attempts through text messages and face recognition, they still could not be unfrozen, and manual customer service could not be contacted. Subsequently, the topic #QQ冻# quickly appeared on Weibo.

For this, Tencent posted on Weibo at 15:45 this afternoon that it has been repaired.

“Noon today, some users cannot log in to QQ normally. We have repaired this problem and can now use it normally. We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you!”< /p>

QQ was frozen for no reason

Netizens expressed injustice

From the feedback of netizens, the reason for the freeze is mostly”business violation operations (such as batch login, etc. )”, QQ pop-up window reminds the user to go to the security center for enquiry or fund management, but dialing the phone after the official prompt fails to successfully transfer the manual customer service.

Some users say that even if they are frozen, they can’t play a game because they can’t log in with QQ.

There are also users who think that their QQ has been stolen, and quickly notify their friends.

The above abnormal situation lasted about two hours, during which some netizens tested and found that after changing the password, they can successfully log in to the account.

Tencent’s latest financial report data shows that as of the first quarter of 2020, the number of QQ smart terminal monthly active accounts was 693.5 million, an increase of 7.2%from the previous month.

According to Tencent’s “Post-00 After QQ:Social Social Behavior Data Report after 2019 00” released by QQ20 of last year, in the third quarter of 2018, the number of active users on the QQ platform aged 21 and below increased year-on-year 16%; in the fourth quarter of the same year, users of this age group still maintained a double-digit year-on-year growth of 13%, and young power after 00 stood on the”C position” of QQ users.

Netizens:You can grow snacks for little penguins

QQ is suddenly frozen, many netizens expressed concern:

@Mango Meteor Punch m:pay attention next time, or pull out your goose feathers

@TifaceNoface:I’m almost scared to death, my qq is frozen, and what I’ve always worried about is that once I don’t have any qq, I will contact me again For those who are not there, what I am worried about is the chat history between me and the people I have liked. I am worried that my friends in the game will never meet again. What I am worried about is my youth for more than ten years. In the future, you must take a screenshot of the experience with important people

@The meaningless person:really a speechless event. I hope there is no next time. I don’t want to be a lucky goose again.

@声The voice is slow and easy to meet _:Customer service is too difficult to find ?

@ Far and near:I can’t think of it, little penguin, you were scolded for a hot search

Other netizens said:If it’s because of this hot search, they almost forgot to have QQ…frozen No freezing, no difference

Melody Cheng _:If it’s not QQ freezing, I’ve forgotten the hot search I still have QQ~ I will feel at ease if I open it without freezing.

@Yuan Yangyang is proud:Over the years, there is no obvious difference in whether my QQ is frozen or not.

@Wu Tu’s Nest:If your child’s school requires QQ, you might forget that there is such a thing as QQ.

However, in the comment area that Tencent responded to, many netizens started to tease the geese

@Fighting heroes:send a Tencent video I will lose my memory for VIP

@Don’t bite me:If I get me to v8, I will lose my memory

@江Home Lemon:I will lose my memory when I make up 100,000 coupons

@For goose only:Annual meeting, amnesia, okay?

@生ju:Send Q coins directly, let’s buy our own coupons

< p>@Three Pinyin:It’s okay to send a yellow diamond

@Mrs. Bright is really handsome:really, just compensate for a glory crystal

@余白鱼:Nothing happens when you send a Li Xinxin skin

@-Blowing down Jianglou Yue-:Unless you send me a bottle of old godmother, this matter will never end

Today, you Is your QQ frozen?

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