Queen Victoria’s wedding commemorative flower crown, lovely crown forbidden to pass on

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After Queen Victoria’s succession, she experienced the troubles of inheriting royal jewelry, After her uncle Duke Ernest Augustus of Cumberland became King of Hanover, she asked her royal jewels without any effort, causing her to lose Some beloved jewelry. Since then, Queen Victoria has been very concerned about the inheritance of royal jewellery, and has left instructions for every piece of her jewelry, including a set of orange flower-themed jewels, which she explicitly prohibits.

This is a set of cute jewellery that is delicate to the touch, and consists of two brooches, a pair of earrings and a flower crown. The gold is polished into leaves and branches, and the curled edges are vivid and vivid; the white porcelain accurately reshapes the petals, and the yellow stamen is particularly realistic; there are four small oranges wrapped in green glaze in the corolla.

(The left picture shows the engraved orange blossom suit, the right picture shows the Queen Victoria’s orange blossom crown and details)

Queen Victoria treats this set of jewels so carefully, needless to say, it must be related to Queen Victoria’s beloved husband, Prince Albert. In October 1839, Victoria, who was already the queen, proposed to her cousin Albert, and then, while waiting for the wedding the following year, the two men “spread dog food” in a fair manner. In November, Albert, who suffered from the lovesickness, sent an orange flower brooch from Germany to Victoria, and attached a sweet love letter,”May you think of the faithful when you pick it up with love Albert.”

(The photo on the left is an engraved orange blossom suit, and the photo on the right is from Albert The first orange flower brooch)

Albert is indeed a loyal husband. He never betrayed Victoria. As a husband, this is very rare. It happens that orange flower has chastity. symbol of. Victoria understands Albert’s intentions. In response, at the wedding, Victoria’s bride wore a wreath of fresh orange blossoms under the veil of the bride, but wore a wreath of fresh orange blossoms. The wedding dress was also decorated with fresh orange blossoms, even perfumes. Also orange blossom fragrance. Later, the five daughters of Queen Victoria all referred to this bridal style. Orange blossom has become an indispensable popular flower in Victorian weddings.

(The left picture shows Victoria wearing a wedding dress on her wedding anniversary, the right picture shows the bride of Queen Victoria’s 5 daughters Styling)

Five years after marriage, Victoria and Albert, 26, are already parents of four children, and the marriage has entered a tired period. Albert, who is careful, uses The orange flower awakened the two people’s beautiful memories. At Christmas, they gave an orange flower brooch similar to the previous one, and also included a pair of orange flower earrings. Victoria’s response was very good, and his temper tantrums also calmed down a bit.

The wedding anniversary of the 6th anniversary of the following year, Albert presented a larger piece of orange blossom jewelry, an orange blossom crown, and the four green oranges on top, representing the four of the two. Children. This is a perfect wedding commemorative gift, think of George V, the father of the current Queen, I also customized a plant-themed crown for my wife, and the result is a pine cone crown that is inexhaustible. a>. The Albert’s crown of orange blossom, the materials are not conspicuous, but it perfectly blends emotion, technology and art.