Ready to return to the race, Vettel rents a car and car track

By ddzyx

I’m afraid many people feel that in the restarted 2020 season, Vettel will not be easy. The driver who has won four world championships, he and Ferrari have only the last six months of cooperation, and the contract for the next year is not yet settled, and the possibility of retirement continues to increase. But at least for now, the three-month vacation has stimulated his higher desire for the game.

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“I’m ready to give everything.” Vettel said,”It’s no secret that we all want to return to the track, (season suspension) has been so long. The beginning This kind of rest will make people feel enjoyable. After all, we spend most of the year traveling around the world. However, once the rest period is lengthened, I feel that I still hope to return to the track.” Vettel said, although Affected by the epidemic, the audience could not be seen at the scene, but the Red Bull Ring in Austria is still his heart. There is a fast track he likes very much.”It is very rare to run two consecutive games on a track. When the game goes to the second game, we will have more data, so the work of the first (race) weekend will be the second (race). The weekend has an important impact.”

Vettel is a veteran on the Red Bull Ring, but the experience of participating in these two weekends will be different from the past——This time he will live directly in the race Road.

In the epidemic environment, there were no spectators and no off-site commercial activities. Even the social pattern in the paddock changed. Everyone was wearing a mask or face mask. Shaking hands and hugging were replaced by elbows. Ceremony, the hotel and the paddock were made into two separate safe areas, and point-to-point round-trip will be implemented. Considering this situation, Vettel directly gave up the conventional hotel option, but rented an RV to solve the accommodation problem, and the RV was parked within the competition area. In this way, not only can commute time be reduced, but also away from the hotel where there are relatively many people.

According to foreign media reports, in addition to Vettel, several other drivers also chose RVs. The work area of ​​the event certainly cannot be used as their parking lot, but in the case of empty games, the original audience area is naturally vacant, and they are using these venues.