Real Madrid official statement:If you win the championship, I hope fans do not gather to celebrate

By yqqlm yqqlm

Hupu July 15th Real Madrid Club officially released an announcement calling on club members and supporters not to gather at Sibelez Square to celebrate even if the team wins the La Liga title. The following are as follows:

1. We all know that the whole society is going through very difficult and severe situations, as well as the efforts made by the whole society in response to the impact of the new coronavirus pandemic. Football also plays its part, and with everyone’s help, we successfully resumed the game under extremely complex circumstances.

2. There are two match days left in La Liga this season, we and Barcelona Football Club have the opportunity Crowned champion.

3, if Real Madrid is crowned champion, our players will not go to the previous celebrations, especially Plaza de Cibeles, so we also ask our club members and supporters to When we win the championship, do not gather in these places. In this regard, all of us must contribute, as we have done so far, to show the greatest degree of social responsibility to avoid the risk of infection.

4. Real Madrid thanks members and supporters for their understanding in advance. The reason why our players, coaching staff and clubs put all their efforts and work into this possible success has always been to share the victory with our fans, but we realize that the current situation forces us to take the necessary Precaution.

5, Real Madrid has the responsibility to issue this important appeal to show the greatest degree of social responsibility, and firmly believes that any victory our team may achieve should not lead us to this fluidity A large-scale setback occurred in the fight against disease.

(Editor:Yao Fan)