Recommended for women over the age of 30:daily dressing focuses on these three details to quickly enhance the sense of refinement

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From the beginning of the storm-riding sister’s broadcast to the present, it can be said that every issue is full of discussion. What the”Sister Lang” represents behind is not only the 30 sisters who want to be girls, but also the attitude of these 30+ sisters who are confident in their dreams. As the opening words of the sister who rides the wind and waves:a woman starts from the mother and ends at the mother. Every woman and mother are inextricably linked. And every woman’s life is struggling with age and fighting for gender. In dedication and ego, many women can’t help but ask:What is 30 years old?

is that Zhang Hanyun can speak confidently on the show, 30 The beauty before the age is born, and after 30 years of age I created it with one hand. It is a unique female charm after years of deposition.

Yes, Wan Qian is confident in the golden age.

Because there are more 30+ sisters in front of the screen.

But there are many sisters who have just been in”I don’t seem to be afraid In the”30 years old” situation, how to chase dreams after 30 years old, start with changing your dress.

If you want to choose the right clothes, you must first choose your own style. Only by choosing the style that suits you, can you wear the style you want. So let’s take a look at the following styles, which one is your style?

1:Casual style

In fact, nowadays many people put their first emphasis on clothes not to look good but to wear them comfortably. When it comes to wearing comfortably, you have to mention casual style. Whether it is shopping, home, or commuting, leisure style can make you wear comfortable and beautiful.

Ms. Meng Jia pictured above is a typical example The casual style of clothes, simple and loose white t with camouflage overalls, is definitely a very comfortable and very cool choice. If you usually like simple and comfortable styles, then the design of white t processing pants and sneakers is very suitable for you.

The striped T-shirt is also an element of this year’s fire, whether it’s People with cool styles like Li Si Dani or sweet and cute people like Zhang Yuqi can wear well. At the same time, this simple striped t can be a good match whether it is casual jeans or black tights, it is a versatile single item in”Sister’s Wardrobe”.

2:Sexy style

30+ sexy is like a wine that has been deposited through the precipitation of time, the wine is not drunk, everyone is drunk, it is emotional Can’t help it. Unlike young sexiness, the sexiness brewed over the years is more charming and deeper.

As time goes on, we find that years of deposition Let the charm ferment, put on a lace suspender skirt, you are the most sexy and lovely woman. The lace design of this dress, arrogantly sexy, touches people’s heartstrings. If you feel cold, you put on a knitted cardigan, you are an intellectual and sexy big sister.

Similarly, it’s hard to imagine that a black dress can It’s so sexy to wear. Although it looks simple, this skirt also has its careful machine. The pierced neck cut of the neckline makes your neck more slender. The design of the puff sleeves well covers the arm. The waist design and A-shaped version make your waist look thinner and at the same time cover the meat of the thigh. If you also want to have a little black dress, you might as well try this style, maybe it will surprise you.

3:Intellectual style

When referring to the word”sister”, many people’s minds come to mind first. This empathy and kindness are also unique to my sister.

The combination of intellectual style often leaves people very good Because of its elegance and beauty, it is decent. This style perfectly shows the gentle and decent side of the sister as a woman. Whether it is attending a formal occasion or shopping for a date, intellectual style is a very good choice.

1:Light color class

Summer is too sultry in itself. At this time, wearing light-colored clothes will be cooler than pure dark clothes. One is that dark colors are more heat absorbing, and second, dark clothes look more sultry than light clothes.

For example This basic white t will first be more refreshing than black in visual effects. At the same time, when choosing clothes, you can also add some of your own careful machines, such as choosing clothes with lace trims, or some small designs in certain parts. Wearing this way is not only simple but also a sense of design.

2:Avoid random patterns, choose regular patterns

Large or small wave points like this can actually be selected. But if you choose a pattern as the background color of the clothes, then you have to see if there are other patterns on the clothes. Because the two patterns are mixed together, it is easy to dazzle.

The choice of stripes is also a kind of regular pattern, if you wear it The clothing style is bold, you can choose the leopard design as shown above. The addition of leopard elements can show the unique charm and sexy of women.

3:Selection of floral patterns

Fashion is a circle, and floral patterns have become popular again this year. However, if you wear it fresh and elegant, if you don’t wear it, it will be easy to have a little dirt. So how do you choose a floral pattern?

First of all, you should try to choose light-colored floral flowers, such as light Yellow, or blue and white floral. And try to avoid dark flowers, such as brown and black. The light floral will look more fresh and elegant, and the dark floral will accidentally make you decades old.

Second, you should try to choose clothes with moderate floral patterns and To avoid excessive clothing patterns. Because if the floral pattern is too large, it is easy to make the whole clothes look messy, which can not achieve a good effect.

The above points about the color dressing, at the same time we can add the above points, for example, when choosing clothes, choose light colors and small florals. The method of superposition allows us to easily find a suit that suits us.

In terms of styles, there are actually many styles worn by women Kind of, so how to choose suitable and comfortable to wear? What kind of clothes are you more suitable for in summer? Then look down!

1:Short skirts

Speaking of short skirts, everyone is not new. And in summer, a short skirt is one of the good things that the wardrobe must have. But not everyone knows how to choose the short skirt that suits them.

A-line skirt, also known as umbrella skirt, is a sharp weapon for pear-shaped figure. The design of the A-line skirt is thin and the waist slowly expands downward. The pear-shaped figure is also waist-thin. A-line skirt can not only highlight the waist, but also cover the crotch.

If the A-line skirt is the savior of pear-shaped body, Then bag hip skirt is the savior of Apple’s body. The apple has slim limbs, and the hip skirt can show the legs of the apple well. So if you are an Apple figure, you might as well try a hip skirt.


In fact, everyone has a dress in their closet, but how can they find a good-looking dress? You can have some small designs on the layout. For example, like the picture above, although it is a dress, it seems to have a certain sense of suit, and the overall is very capable. Or an intellectual shirt skirt, or a lively denim skirt like the picture below.

Simple denim skirt that doesn’t look too good? You can pick this one. Adding some small designs on the basis of denim, stitching a simple white skirt, it looks immediately different. This kind of stitching of different lengths looks ordinary, but in fact it reveals your leg lines inadvertently. The shoulder-shoulder design also makes this skirt look differently sexy. At the same time make your neck look more slender.

If you want to make yourself look sexy, but don’t want to If it’s too exposed, then choose a leeless skirt! A backless skirt can perfectly show your back lines, while making you look very sexy but not exposed. Wearing it at ordinary times can add a little mood to your life. The company will wear it at the annual meeting to make you look sexy and charming, but yet solemn.

3:Professional attire

Most of the 30+ sisters have successful careers, and it is inevitable that there will be so few professional attires, how to wear them in the workplace How about your own style?

The collocation that makes you shine in the workplace may be a silk The embellishment of the towel may be a pair of high-heeled shoes of the same color as the pants. The match of Miss Wan Qian in the picture is the answer. Silk-textured shirts, high-waisted pants and matching high-heeled shoes make your whole person look charming and elegant.

The matching of suit and shorts can make you look courageous, suit and shorts plus short-sleeved shirt and tie, and then put on a vest jacket. It is very cool to wear in summer, but it can also make you look trustworthy in the workplace and help you withstand the challenges.

In the combination of professional wear, choose a suitable high Waist and wide-leg pants can make you look like one meter eight meters! High-waist flared pants are also very good for covering the legs. Both the hip width and the thick calf can be covered cleanly, so that the leg lines look very slender and slim. It can be said that no matter what style of high-waisted pants, it seems to have the effect of lengthening the proportion of the legs. With a short top, you can look smart.

Summary:In the end I want to say, no matter what color it is What style of clothes can be boldly tried as long as they feel suitable. Some people may say:”I’m too old to be cool anymore.” Or,”I’m older, children wear braces.”

But these sisters also wear them beautifully.

Some people may say that they are getting older and wear pink to be tender.

But no one can define you as being pretty, because every Every girl has a little princess who likes pink. There is nothing wrong with wearing pink.

Some people may say:”I am old and I can’t dream.” But, as the sisters who ride the wind and waves say, as long as you want to dream, it’s never too late.

Disclaimer:I am the host in charge of small makeup. This is the third issue of”Small Makeup”. The next issue is the color matching rule. If you want to learn color matching skills, don’t forget to pay attention. .

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