Ren Junwei 14+7 Shanxi 5 players in doubles to send Tianjin semi-final losing 7

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Beijing time on July 2, the 2019-20 season CBA League regular season rematch continues, Shanxi men’s basketball team ushered in the challenge of Tianjin men’s basketball team. After four fierce competitions between the two sides, Shanxi eventually defeated Tianjin 97-79, and Tianjin suffered a seven-game losing streak after the rematch.

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The last round of Shanxi passed the steady performance of the decisive moment, beating Shandong by 103-102. Tianjin lost 98-126 to Guangdong in the last round. They have not won one of the six games since the start of the quarter-finals. When the two teams confronted each other for the first time this season, Shanxi won 107-71 away from Tianjin.

At the beginning of the first quarter, Ge Zhaobao and Zhang Hanjun scored consecutively under the basket. The German coach made two free throws. The original coach made a three-pointer shot. Ren Junwei made a layup to continue scoring. Shanxi made a 11-2 start. Tianjin came back from a timeout, Ge Zhaobao continued to score under the basket, Xing Zhiqiang scored a layup, Shi Deshuai took the ball and pulled back to hit, the two sides scored alternately. After the original coach hit a three-pointer, Tian Guisen scored in a row, the first quarter ended, Shanxi 25-18 lead Tianjin.

Starting the second quarter, Xing Zhiqiang scored 2 points with a low shot. Tian Guisen scored a jumper. Xing Zhiqiang scored a half-turn and scored a layup. Zhang Hanjun also hit a three-pointer. Shanxi made a 9-0 start. German Shuai hit a shot to stop bleeding, Ren Junwei hit a three-pointer, Shanxi 36-21 lead 15 points. Mencius scored 2+1 to stop bleeding, and Zhang Yunmeng succeeded in sneak attack. After returning from the timeout, Ge Zhaobao scored with a hook. Zhang Zelong made two free throws. Ren Junwei continued to score in the middle of the game. After the second quarter, Shanxi 54-36 led Tianjin.

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Denway point three hits

up third, Xing Zhiqiang hit the third, Jin Xin hit a three-pointer, Liu Wei succeeded in an empty basket, Xing Zhiqiang made another three-pointer, Jin Xin hit the second three-pointer in a row, Tianjin 44-60 narrowed the difference. Back to the field after a timeout, Yan Pengfei hit a hook, Liu Guancen made a layup, Shi Deshuai dunk, Tian Guisen made a three-pointer, the third quarter ended, Shanxi 71-55 lead Tianjin 16 points.

At the end of the quarter, Meng Zikai took the first shot and Ren Junwei also had a three-pointer. Liu Guancen made a layup and Liu Wei hit the board. Then Yan Pengfei blocked the blow and the two sides scored alternately. Zhang Hanjun The basket succeeded, and then he scored another layup, and the difference between the two sides came to 20 points. The game entered garbage time early. Liu Shuai then hit a layup, He Siyu hit a three-pointer, after which He Siyu made 6 offenses, but Tianjin did not give up, Shi Deshuai scored 2+1, Ge Zhaobao pulled up the buzzer and scored, Liu Wei hit a three-pointer, Zhang Zelong also returned Color, Shanxi defeated Tianjin 97-79 in the end.

Dw9RnbaAWpI64wCBBUT0q bjwJWUwbI5pjcLyN0JYv aXChHqWkcIfmg - Ren Junwei 14+7 Shanxi 5 players in doubles to send Tianjin semi-final losing 7

Shi Deshuai succeeded in a difficult basket

Shanxi starting:Zhang Hanjun, former coach, Liu Guancen, Ren Junwei, Ge Zhaobao

Tianjin starting:Tian Ye, Liu Shuai, Jin Xin, Liu Wei, Shi Deshuai