Reporter:Suning Cheng is the first team in Group A to step on the team and will have an expedition ceremony tomorrow

By yqqlm yqqlm

Live broadcast July 15th According to reporter Wang Minghao, according to the official start of the Chinese Super League, there are still ten days to go, and each team has entered the final preparation rhythm. Coach Olarayou, who is about to coach Suning Tesco in the Super League for three seasons, reminded the players that they went to Dalian not to participate in the game, but to win the game. This shows Suning’s expectations and ambitions for this season.

Jiangsu Suning has already accelerated the preparation of the new season. As early as the beginning of July, the club sent people to visit the Dalian field to visit the hotel, stadium, and training ground, and became the first club in Group A to conduct a field visit. Suning will hold a grand expedition ceremony on July 16th. For Suning, who is determined to return to the AFC Champions League, the soldiers are looking forward to the competition that will start on July 20th.

Suning will send the team bus and the advance personnel to drive more than 1,700 kilometers. The team will depart for the zone two days earlier than the big team. Equipment and team materials will arrive in advance, so that the team can place the team after arriving in the zone. Prepare for training for a while. For the first phase of nearly 70 days from July 20 to September 27, the Suning team is ready to meet the high-intensity game.