Reporter:The Super League 16 team has now completed the first nucleic acid test

By yqqlm yqqlm

The new Super League will start in Dalian and Suzhou on July 25th. According to regulations, all Chinese Super League teams must complete three nucleic acid tests before the start of the game, two of which must be completed before entering the competition area and need to be combined with an antibody test report. According to reporter Ding Mengjie, as of July 5, all teams of the Chinese Super League completed the first nucleic acid test before the start of the match. This test also combined antibody testing, and no abnormalities occurred.

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It is understood that the Chinese Football Association stipulates that the test of the Chinese Super League team must include an antibody test report. Professionals said:”When the nucleic acid test is negative, add IgM and IgG antibody tests, you can To make up for the shortcomings of missed diagnosis caused by nucleic acid detection. One is used for differential diagnosis of diseases to ensure good; one is used for initial screening of diseases to ensure that it is not missed. Therefore, in the actual detection process, it is recommended to jointly detect the two, comprehensive interpretation to improve virus carrying The positive detection rate of the players reduces the risk of social transmission.”

Before going to the competition area and after arriving at the competition area, all teams will complete the second and third nucleic acid tests, respectively. Only three times the nucleic acid is negative and the antibody IgM is negative, the team can officially enter the competition area to usher in the game.

In addition, after the Super League is opened, the region will also implement a frequency of nucleic acid detection once every 7 days for all personnel in the future, which will also be higher than CBA League Frequency of detection once every 10 days.