Ridiculously decided to make a big disaster! Trump’s rapid”recognition” this time, China has already spoken

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Recently, Trump was taken out and lied more than 20,000 times after entering the White House. At present, he is facing the United States because of the new regulations for foreign student visas.17 State prosecution.

According to a report by China International Television (CGTN) on July 14, local time on July 13th, a report published by the Washington Post showed that since Trump took office, There are a lot of false and misleading statements made by him. According to statistics, within 1267 days of Trump’s tenure, Trump lied up to 20055 times.

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About”whether to wear a mask” After various operations of the general government, the”mask” turned into a political tool in the hands of American politicians, which is quite ridiculous. Recently, Trump, who had repeatedly opposed the wearing of masks, suddenly became uncharacteristically and”led by example” put on the masks. However, Trump has always insisted on restarting the economy and resuming school activities. On July 6, local time, the United States issued an order to treat international students as bargaining chips, requiring schools to restart as soon as possible, stipulating that international students will not be able to obtain visas to travel to the United States only through online courses. The introduction of this policy instantly caused dissatisfaction among all parties. The 17 states of the United States and Washington, D.C., even filed a lawsuit, bringing the US government to court.

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United States A number of well-known colleges and universities have jointly opposed the Trump policy.

Recently, as soon as a US policy restricting visas for international students was released, it caused public uproar at home and abroad. This policy completely exposed the dark side of the US government’s indifference to life. In order to effectively curb the spread of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, major universities in the world have chosen online teaching.

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The number of Trump administration policies The lives of thousands of teachers and students are in danger. Not only has many international students been in an embarrassing dilemma, it has also destroyed the national image of the United States. The image of a big country without any responsibility is eye-popping.

Regarding this rule of the Trump administration, 17 states in the United States acted swiftly and filed a lawsuit in the court, and said that the US government’s move will severely affect the learning ability of international students, and will even make Many students chose to leave the United States during the outbreak. If it becomes a reality, it will cause inestimable losses to American universities.

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New Crown The pneumonia epidemic has given birth to Trump’s false statements.

Since the new crown pneumonia epidemic has raged around the world, the actions of the US government during this period have received worldwide attention. In the events of the Trump administration’s epidemic prevention and control measures, the reality of economic collapse, and Freud’s death by police violent law enforcement, Trump’s false statements have risen rapidly, in one year and two months. In time, it broke the 20,000 mark. Under the new coronary pneumonia pandemic, Trump’s misleading remarks are accelerating production in an all-round way.

The Trump administration has repeatedly downplayed the severity of New Crown Virus, even claiming that 99%of New Crown Viruses have no effect on humans Hazard, and the fact is that as of now, the number of people in the United States who have died of the new corona virus has exceeded 139,000. The facts severely”face” Trump.

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Special Trump”recognizes the current affairs as a handsome person” and decisively”recognizes counseling”

After being fully”encircled and suppressed” in the United States, the Trump administration still”recognizes counseling”. On July 14, local time in the United States, the Trump administration announced that it would withdraw the new regulations for international student visas. Originally, I wanted to borrow international students to serve as the”pioneer” for the restart of the US economy. Unexpectedly, it has not been condemned by other countries. The 17 states in the United States have already been unable to sit still.

It is worth mentioning that before this, the United States has repeatedly”started” visas for international students in China. In this regard, the Chinese side said that it would spare no effort to protect the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese students in the United States from damage. It was also emphasized that the United States introduced measures on unprovoked charges, which are driving backwards in history and will only harm others and harm others.