Russia offers a reward for the heads of American soldiers? Drug lords don’t do this stupid thing.

By ddzyx

On June 28, US President Trump retweeted a Fox News report on Twitter, calling it”fake news.” The “fake news” stated that the Russian Military Intelligence Agency (GRU) secretly provided bounty to some armed elements in Afghanistan to encourage them to kill the US and other coalition forces. After the matter fermented, the Russian side and the Afghan Taliban armed forces also came out to refute rumors. US Secretary of State Pompeo also deliberately tweeted on July 1 that he had spoken with the Taliban leaders, who promised not to attack American soldiers. A political rumor triggered two powerful countries and a famous political force to come out to refute the rumors, which shows the great influence.

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[U.S. military fighting in Afghanistan]

But a closer analysis will reveal that this rumor is not difficult to break.

This kind of reward for the enemy’s non-specific objects generally occurs in the army of feudal society. Regardless of officers and soldiers, they can use the enemy’s first rank or other body organs to prove their record, in exchange for bounty and other military merits. You can see this in the ancient Roman Tulazhen Tulazhen Pillar of Emperor Wugong and related documents of the Qin Dynasty in China The existence of the system.

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[Rumors suggest that the Taliban armedly received Russian bounty]

This system was created The reason is that the ancient army commanders had difficulty grasping the situation on the battlefield completely, and it was easy to fall into chaos. Any officer or soldier who wants to prove how many victories he has achieved is often justified. Then the best way is to take down some organs as a proof after killing the enemy. Over time, a bounty system has been formed. However, the negative consequences of this bounty system are very serious. The first is to kill good and take credit. The people in the war zone often become victims, and their heads are cut off by the chaotic army and reported to them as a”battle.” This situation was especially serious during the last years of feudal dynasties and frequent peasant uprisings. There are countless blood-stained records in the history books of the late Ming Dynasty. Secondly, there are various scales of fire fighting between the robes for the bounty, which has seriously affected the combat effectiveness of the army.

Therefore, when the modern military system was established, the use of the first-level military service was strictly prohibited. Not even drug lords and rebels do this. The modern bounty system, whether initiated by the government or an anti-government organization, will target a specific person. So, did the media that rumored that the”Russian army rewards the head of the US military” go through the feudal era? If there is indeed such a government, a reward for regular soldiers of another government will be launched, and the result will surely be retaliation by peers, putting your soldiers at unnecessary risk.

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[Roman soldiers on Trajan’s Pillar]

Rumors like this This happened in the United States, which prides itself on being the most developed country in the world, and is related to the political chaos after Trump took office. Trump’s opponents have repeatedly tried to use scandals to bring him down, and foreign relations are certainly a topic that should not be overlooked. U.S. Democracy Party initiated the”pass Russia” topic to impeach Trump and failed, there are still a group of political forces constantly pouring dirty water into Russia, Trying to intensify Russian hatred among the people has created a big problem for Trump. If Trump does not handle it well, he will further lower the approval rating and lose the presidential election.

Russia has said that such a rumor of lack of technical content is”inadequate IQ”, it is no more appropriate. However, this rumor has been circulating in many media in the United States for several days, including CNN, New York Times, Washington Post, The Guardian… and other large media with global influence. Under such a bombardment of information, there must be some people who believe it. If any militants ambushed the US military and went to the Russian army for rewards, the blame must be borne by the rumors.

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