Russia says Turkey cannot resell S-400 to the United States:there is a ban on the contract

By ddzyx

Russian media said that the spokesman of the Russian Federation’s Military Technical Cooperation Bureau Maria Vorobieva said on June 30 local time that without Russian consent, Turkey could not accept the received S-400 air defense systems are resold to third countries.

According to the Russian”News” website reported on June 30, Vorobiyova told Interfax:”To export the purchased Russian military products, the buyer must The party submits the relevant certificates of the end user. Therefore, it is impossible to transfer or resell the S-400 to a third country without the official permission of the Russian side.”

On the same day (June 30 ) Earlier, news appeared in the US media about the US plan to purchase Russian S-400 from Turkey. According to reports, this move will make Washington and Ankara out of the impasse over the joint production of the F-35″Lightning” II stealth fighter.

In addition, according to the Russian Today Economic Network report on June 30, Russian military expert and retired colonel Viktor Litovkin told Today Economic Network that the United States tried to use the Pentagon’s budget to buy Turkey’s S-400 It shows that Washington is annoyed by the loss of global political influence.

Russian media said that US Senator John Thun submitted an extraordinary amendment to the 2020-2021 defense budget. If the amendment is passed, the United States can purchase the Russian S-400 air defense system from Turkey.

The Russian Federation’s Military Technical Cooperation Agency has stated that the S-400 provided to Turkey cannot be resold to other countries without Russian permission.

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image information:Russian An-124 transport aircraft delivered S-400 supporting equipment to Turkey. (Official website of the Russian Ministry of Defense)

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image information:The training data map of the Russian S-400 air defense system. (Official website of the Russian Ministry of Defense)

Litovkin emphasized:”In all arms sales contracts signed between Russia and foreign countries, there is a special clause that prohibits the transfer of Russian weapons and technical equipment. To a third party. Undoubtedly, a similar clause was written in the contract for the supply of S-400 to Turkey. If the clause is violated, Russia will impose sanctions and may prosecute-Turkey will face huge fines. The United States attempts to use various means to force Turkey’s abandonment of Russian-made anti-aircraft missile systems demonstrates an inferiority complex.”

Litovkin concluded:“Even if it is assumed, for some incredible reason, El Doan suddenly agreed to sell the S-400 to the United States, and Russia will not make the situation dramatic. There are several reasons. First, the quality of any Russian export weaponry is the same as that of the same series of weapons systems installed in the Russian army. Different. That is to say, the United States or other third countries still cannot obtain all the secrets. The second reason is that sooner or later the United States will reach out to S-400-sooner or later, other Gulf allies in India, Saudi Arabia or the United States will buy it. It’s just a matter of time. Countries trying to hand over Russian weapons and equipment to the United States will understand that they face more severe prospects in addition to fines. Since then they may not be able to purchase the latest Russian weapons and equipment that could be used to protect national security, which is to prevent contracts An important factor that was violated.”