Russian-Turkish joint patrol convoy was attacked by bombs in Syria

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Source:World Wide Web

[World Wide Web Military Report] The Russian Satellite News Agency reported on July 14 that the Russian Reconciliation Center for the parties to the conflict in Syria issued a notice that the Russian patrol and the Turkish army was attacked by terrorist bombs during a joint Syrian mission, causing injuries to many Russian and Turkish soldiers.

The Russian side reported that”the Russian-Turkish squadron was attacked by homemade explosive devices during the 20th joint patrol of the M-4 road in the southern part of the Idlib relegation zone.”

The report pointed out that the explosion caused damage to one armored transport vehicle of the Russian military police and one armored vehicle of Turkey. Three people in the Russian army were slightly injured, and some were injured in the Turkish patrol.

The Russian side emphasized that”all the wounded were quickly evacuated from the area. The wounded Russian soldiers were returned to the base of Hememim and received the necessary medical treatment without danger to life.”