Ruthless! La Liga Chinese boss starts big cleansing, half teams are to be sold

By yqqlm yqqlm

In the La Liga standings, Valencia is ranked only tenth with 50 points in 36 rounds, and the possibility of getting tickets for the European War is not very likely.”Aspen” now pointed out that Singaporean Chinese boss Lin Rongfu is about to demolish Valencia. In order to save expenses, return funds and clean up dissidents, Lin Rongfu has made a long cleaning list!

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Aspen pointed out that in last Friday’s league Before, Lin Rongfu informed many important players of the team that they were looking for a new owner for themselves this summer. Among the players notified by him, including captain Parejo. The 31-year-old Parejo came to Valencia in 2011 and he has played for the team for 9 years. After receiving this notice, Parejo responded with a penalty kick in the 60th minute and Valencia lost to Leganes 0-1.

Aspen and Goal Net pointed out that in addition to Parejo, Condombia, Silesson, Rodrigo, Camero and Ceriche Important players such as husband are on the cleaning list of Valencia. If there is a suitable offer, Lin Rongfu is also willing to sell Ronaldo’s younger brother Gedes.

The starting point of Lin Rongfu’s cleaning is competition, and second, cleaning aliens. Due to complaints that Lin Rongfu failed to honor his promise to sign, the meritorious coach Marcelino was fired early in the season. Lin Rongfu’s move angered a large number of Warren players, and many people at the time expressed their opposition either explicitly or implicitly on social networks. Garrett is a representative of them. As a result, Lin Rongfu refused to follow up with Gary on June 30. Wallen officials claimed that Garrett asked for high prices during the contract renewal negotiations, which was publicly refuted by Garrett. Lin Rongfu only needs to clean his dissidents. After cleaning, he still splashes dirty water, which is really cold. In addition to Gare, Parejo, Condombia, and Rodrigo were all representatives of the”Horse School” at the time, and they are now on the cleaning list.

Recently, Valencia performed poorly, and fans have accused Lin Rongfu. Lin Rongfu’s daughter Lin Jin stated on the Ins that”the club is my family, we can do whatever we want”, and she also declared that she said this to oppose the insult of the Chinese family of Lin family by the fans of Warren. However, judging from what Lin Rongfu did, Valencia, which has a history of 101 years, is really at the point of life and death.