Sanxingdui mystery-the latest discovery

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Revealing the mystery of Sanxingdui——the latest discovery

The mystery of Sanxingdui has gone through many detours for more than ten years The difficulty of discrimination is really”the road is long, and I will seek it up and down”. Many articles have been published on the Internet, revealing that since the discovery of Sanxingdui cultural relics in my country, many experts, professors and scholars from all over the world have been researching for 90 years, and it is still a mess. Indiscriminately characterize Samsungdui civilization as”native civilization”;”Parallel with Yellow River civilization and Yangtze River civilizationAncient Shu State Civilization”; even characterized as”the Cuban Shu Civilization that surpassed the Yellow River Civilization and the Yangtze River Civilization”. In fact, our country has so far been open to the outside world (all China and the world), and the official characterization of the Sanxingdui civilization is basically wrong! After more than ten years of in-depth analysis and determination, the Sanxingdui civilization has determined that the Sanxingdui civilization is actually based on the ancient Shu civilization. It was dialed more than 2300 years agoAncient Persians The Aryans, in order to protect their Zoroastrian (Zoroastrian) beliefs, escaped Alexander and destroyed the ancient Persian and continued to eastward the two rivers. This is the birthplace of ancient Persian Zoroastrianism, the prophet of Zoroastrianism Descendants of”Zoroaster“, in order to preserve the ancient Persian state religion-Zoroastrianism (Zoroastrianism), vowed to rebel against ancient Greece The expeditionary army, the leader was executed by Alexander, and he did not surrender to be a national slave. In order to annihilate the genocide, the belief was wiped out, and he took many of his Zoroastrian gods, god trees, golden rods, living utensils, etc. across the Pamirs and along The Karakoram Mountain goes south, crosses Kashmir, passes Pangong Lake (now the place where India and China are in trouble), the Shiquan River and the Maquan River, enters the source of the Yarlung Zangbo River, and travels east along the Yarlung Zangbo River. Came to Sanxingdui, captured the capital city of the ancient Shu people, and drove the defeated ancient Shu people to Chengdu… These people survived for about 10 years in Sanxingdui. Later, they were counterattacked by the ancient Shu people and recaptured Sanxingdui. The ancient Persian Arians Souters who briefly occupied Sanxingdui were actually wiped out by the tragic group. After the victory of the counterattack, the ancient Shu people regarded the foreigners’ bronze statues, god trees, golden rods, utensils and other objects as filthy and strange objects. Staying in the world would bring bloody disasters, so they were all smashed, burned, and pushed into the pit. Buried and compacted. Sanxingdui was also abandoned by the ancient Shu people as an ominous place due to the tragic and bloody war. Since then, it has been based in Chengdu, and has never returned to Sanxingdui. Since then, Sanxingdui has been annihilated in the barrenness of history. The farmer dug a ditch and found that the world is again.

That is to say:the certainty of the Sanxingdui civilization should be:the ancient is the civilization of the ancient Shu Kingdom, and the ancients who were fleeing from the short history of more than two thousand years ago The Persian Argentine Sogdians invaded and discovered cultural relics as superimposed foreign civilizations.

Now we will temporarily announce some important points to friends who are concerned about this matter (experts and professors can also refer to):

1. There are many irrefutable evidences that the artifacts of Sanxingdui are ancient Persian Aryan civilizations;

2. Sanxingdui’s circle of hand-standing figures Like, is the prophet of the founder of ancient Persian Zoroastrianism-Zoroaster (the cultural relic value of this bronze statue has been highly upgraded-is no longer a national treasure of China, but the only religious culture that has been preserved for the longest time in the history of world religious culture”Treasures among Treasures”,

3. To what extent is the value of bronze statues:There are several major religions in the world today, Sakyamuni, Jesus, Mohammed There is no true statue of these religious prophets. The bronze statue of the three-handed figure of the hands of the Sanxingdui circle proved to be the Zoroastrian prophet”Zoroaster”, and will be the only true statue of the prophet in several major religions in the world. And, the most powerful Yes:The Zoroastrian “Three Goods, Good and Evil Contradictions” doctrine founded by Zoroaster 2600 years ago, later became the core of Buddhism, Christianity and Islam (and 71 years younger than Zoroaster The core ideas of Chinese Confucianism founded by Confucius are the same.) Later Buddhist prophet Sakyamuni, Christian prophet Jesus, and Islamic prophet Mohammed all absorbed Zoroastrian core teachings and integrated them into their own teachings. That is to say:Zoroaster is the mentor of these prophets. They took over the most essential core of Zoroaster’s religious belief-the baton of”casting human conscience”, and continued to enlighten future generations and cast human conscience. In other words In other words:the ancient Persian Aryan prophet”Zoroaster” is the well-deserved, the most advanced, the greatest human Soul engineer!

We have 365 days in a year today, 31 days larger and 30 days smaller each month, and leap months, 24 hours a day, 60 in the year Everyone knows that they inherited ancient Babylonian astronomy knowledge thousands of years ago. However, few modern people know that the Babylonians already know that the earth is elliptical (consistent with modern astronomy, the earth’s equatorial radius a=6378137 meters; Polar radius b=6356752 meters; the equatorial diameter is 43 kilometers (flat ellipse) more than the north and south poles. What is even more shocking is that this bronze statue designer not only knew that the earth was oval, but also knew that the earth tilted from northwest to southeast Running at about 25 degrees, it is even more shocking:he already knows:the exact half point between the day and night of the earth is the winter solstice and the summer solstice, and he is proficient in the use of geometric principles, and accurately expresses the words, patterns, and angles on the bronze statues. Come out.

In addition, the patterns on the bronze statues of the hands of the Sanxingdui circle not only reveal the knowledge of the ancient Persians’ view of time and space, anatomy and geometry, but also Many Zoroastrian beliefs, psychology, philosophy, etc.面信息。 Face information.

Sanxingdui will become a religious holy place in the world!

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The Sanxingdui civilization is actually the reign of Alexander the Great expedition to India and some rebels fled to the east,

… Daphne, the laurel goddess:Daphne is one of the most beautiful goddesses among the Greek gods. Regarding Daphne, the daughter of the river god, the most famous story is that the sun god Apollo courted him. In order to avenge Apollo who satired him, Cupid fired a golden arrow that made people fall into the love vortex, and made Apollo fall in love with Daphne. At the same time, he shot a lead arrow that made people refuse love. To Daphne, make the girl frosty to Apollo. It is also said that because Daphne worships the goddess of the moon (Artemis is one of the twelve main gods of Olympus in Greece, the Roman name Diana, is the virgin), so she wants to learn the goddess of the moon as the chaste virgin. When Daphne turned around and saw Apollo chasing her, she hurriedly called for help from her father. He Shen heard the voice of her daughter and turned Apollo into a laurel tree when she was about to catch up with her. When Apollo arrived, all he saw was a standing laurel tree. Losing his lover, he decided to use the branches and leaves of the laurel tree as a crown of hair, and the branches were made into bones, which would accompany him wherever he went. The other gods use olive branches and leaves for their hair crowns, only the sun god Apollo’s hair crowns are made of the branches and leaves of the laurel that the beloved Daphne turns into. Note:This love story between the ancient Greek sun god Apollo and the goddess Daphne is expressed clearly in red. This is a clear explanation of the iconic relics unearthed in Sanxingdui, the bronze figure of the bird’s human face, with a peculiar and unique head. What is the long tree branch crown, that is, the laurel branches and leaves that Daphne becomes! Conversely, the bronze statue of the human face is the sun god Apollo! This ancient Greek myth story has actually settled the long-argued Sanxingdui cultural attributes!

When I have been troubled for nearly two decades and finally solved the mystery of Sanxingdui, I have a sense of ease, and even want to write a reflection of this foreign civilization. Fleeing eastward along the Yarlung Zangbo River, came to the hinterland of China-Chengdu Plain, Guanghan Sanxingdui, based on a tragic history of film and television drama.

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The iron evidence of the characteristics of clothing, and more proof that these bronze statues of Sanxingdui are Casted according to the costumes of foreigners, and thus confirmed from the side of the costumes, this group of people occupying Sanxingdui are foreigners. In fact, when our experts discover the relics of Sanxingdui, they should be very clear:Sanxingdui civilization is obviously alien civilization (if it is not deliberately ambiguous, it is necessary to confuse foreign civilization with Chinese native civilization and subsidize it for themselves, which is the lack of relevant historical knowledge. :Our experts did not understand the”Zhou Li”-the typical difference between the ancient Chinese people and foreigners in ancient clothes:”left rafters” and”right rafters”). Look at the two comparison charts above:When the experts excavated, they can see at a glance:The clothes of this bronze statue are”left 衽” ( The right placket hides to the left). What does that mean? The Chinese nation has continued from the Xia, Shang and Zhou Dynasties since the Qing Dynasty and even the Republic of China, and the clothes are covered from the left to the right-the right base (as shown on the right), and the”Zhou Li” has clear regulations. Confucius’s Analects of Confucius Xianwen once had the sentence “Microtubule Zhong, we were sent left 衽. Literal translation means:if there is no Guan Zhong, we have already circulated our hair, and the hood is covered to the left (left 衽) (full solution implies Means:Without Guan Zhongfu and Qi Huan’s dominance and support of Huaxia nation, we are now occupied and ruled by foreign nations, and all hair accessories are worn It became the same as the foreigners, and the clothes had been covered to the left (left rafters). The difference between the Chinese clothing and the Hu people in Confucius’s clothing has actually determined the national attributes of the Sanxingdui people. Obviously, from this bronze The front of the chest is covered from the right to the left (left 衽), with certainty:this is a typical dress of a foreign nation-the right side of the hood is covered by the left side, and the typical”left gang”. This is confirmed by another side, occupying Sanxingdui The group of people who lived and stayed here for ten years is a foreign nation! It is the short-lived appearance of foreign civilization in the Chengdu Plain. Obviously, our experts did not read Confucius”The Analects of Confucius“, I don’t know that Confucius has already said this classic quotation of the difference between qualitative foreigners and national costumes. We modern people only need to quote this sentence, from the clothing alone, we can determine whether the Sanxingdui people are local civilizations or foreign civilizations. In fact, Confucius’s sentence also confirmed from the side in the Qigong era, often There are foreign peoples—Hu people with Zuofa attacked and fought against the Chinese people. With the help of Guan Zhongzhong, Qi Huangong led the Chinese people and beat down the gang of Hu people!

Let’s add one more from astrology:in fact, when our experts unearthed the relics of Sanxingdui, we should understand through these three mounds:The three mounds of Sanxingdui are actually the “altars” that worship the heavens, and the gangs occupying Sanxingdui The aliens are the altars of worship based on the three-digit worship of astrology of their people. Through the construction of the Sanxingdui to worship the altars and the altars that link with the gods (the passage of thousands of years, the buildings on the altar weathered and collapsed, and the sun and rain There are only a few large mounds left until today. The problem arises:the astrology of the ancient Chinese people in China is different from that in the West. The ancient universe view of the Chinese people is a round place (although more than two thousand years ago Qu Yuan questioned in the”Question of Heaven”-“On the occasion of nine days, there are so many Angus, and there are many corners, who knows the number” Explained in modern words:”Since there are nine heavens in the vast space, how is the earth placed in it and connected with other things? Since The sky is round, and the earth is square. Then, the square object is placed in a round object. The cavity between the arc and the straight line is neither sky nor earth. What is it?”It can be seen that Qu Yuan has questioned the sky circle place more than two thousand years ago, because the sky circle place can not explain what”Kuma” (the hole between the intersection of the arc and the straight line) is?” But Qu Yuan’s doubts have never been defeated,”Tianyuan said”. The Sanxingdui civilization is actually the relics of Alexander the Great’s eastward expedition to India, and part of the rebels fled to the east… _Figure 1-20 The picture above is Qu Yuan’s questioning of the”round place” in”Questions of Heaven”. It can be seen that Qu Yuan realized over two thousand years ago that the sky is not round, and the earth is not square. Because,”the sky and the place said” can not explain what the square is placed in the circle, and what is the inner space (the corner) of the arc on the four sides. The Chinese astrology is to divide the sky constellation into 28 places, and then divide it into four categories. The east is Canglong, the west is White Tiger, the south is Suzaku, and the north is Xuanwu (Book of Rites:”Qinglong, White Tiger, Suzaku, Xuanwu, Four of Heaven The spirit is based on the Sifang, and the king’s palace and palace are all based on the four elephants. The celestial world is based on the four elephants. The construction of the city is based on the four signs of astrology, and the town is square, so there are east gate, west gate, and south gate. , North Gate, with the four images, there is no saying of three images-incompatible with the traditional astrological culture of China. On the contrary, ancient Greek astrology advocates three:Ancient Greek philosophy believes that 3 is a sacred number, symbolizing harmony and balance , Solidity, completion and realization.”3″ In mysterious geometry and numerology, its shape and numbers are used to symbolize the natural cycle of life; as follows:1. The soul that entered the body during the birth; 2. Life 3. The soul returns to its original origin at death. Therefore, the number 3 symbolizes the completion, integrity, and the beginning, middle, and end of all things. Western religions are supported by this ancient number 3 worship belief; the most typical Christianity In the beliefs of the Holy Trinity, there are the Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Another example is that the Babylonians divided their gods into triads. In ancient Greek astrology, this digital triad represents the commonness of heaven, earth, and man. The spirit of God means harmony and perfect coexistence. Obviously, the group of foreigners occupying Sanxingdui built the”Sanxingdui”, an altar to worship the gods, in accordance with their concept of trinity worship. Communication between Gods and Blessings-From the perspective of astrology, the interpretation of horoscopes in line with ancient Greece’s ternary worship has proved that the”Sanxingdui civilization” has nothing to do with the worship of the four-horoscope astrological culture in China.

1, Iron evidence 1:Kong Confucius put the qualitative dressing characteristics of Huaxia and Hu people in”Analects 2500 years ago”Span>” stated:Microtubule Zhong, we are wearing Zuoya also! I didn’t know before, after being exposed by experts, the experts knew at a glance:the bronze statue of Sanxingdui is”left rafters” (the right side of the clothes is hidden to the left) as attached Picture 1, this bronze statue is the opposite of the Chinese people’s dress, it is”Zuo Rian” clothes, iron proof is the Hu people (foreign civilization). To overturn this conclusion, there is only one way:please take Confucius out of the grave, ask the old man to change his mouth and deny it I said this sentence myself.

2. Looking at the picture 2, Sanxingdui excavates the cultural relics, except for the bronze statue of the standing hand standing figure. Smashed into several large pieces, now the complete bronze statue is restored), and the rest are dozens of bronze statue heads, if the local civilization, I would like to ask:Where did the bronze statue body go? Do our ancestors worship gods and cast bronze statues When you only cast your head, not your body? Have you ever seen a temple in the world dedicated to worshiping gods, wearing a stick and putting it in your head? worship? It is impossible to cast only the head, not the body. Where is the body? Please find out. The next conclusion:you just turned the Sanxingdui upside down, and you can’t find a body-because the bodies of these idols are not in Sanxingdui at all (in the remote Pamirs. I will explain later, the truth will be clear as soon as I say).

3. The bronze statues of Sanxingdui, god trees, utensils, etc., are beautifully cast and must be cast by the lost wax method. Engineers who know the casting process know that:On behalf of the Chinese casting process, the earliest cultural relics cast using the lost wax method were around 2600 BC, the most advanced casting process of the Chinese nation, the Xiongshen Yu, the king of the Communist Party of China. In the remote Shu Kingdom, how could it far surpass the Chinese original casting process, and these exquisite bronzes were cast by the lost wax method more than 3,000 years ago? If you want to prove that these cultural relics were cast by the Shang Dynasty over 3,000 years ago in the Shang Dynasty, you can use the advanced process of the lost wax method. You must discover the industrial basis of the lost wax method, supporting mold making equipment, furnaces and workshops that can cast these bronzes. Ruins, etc., speak with facts. But why not fully excavate to prove that the protection of cultural relics can no longer be used to excavate and obscure the citizens on a large scale?

4. Speaking of local civilization, why are there ancient Persian gods, birds, and beasts (not birds and dragons, and what are the devil’s secrets) on the bronze statue god tree?

5. In terms of native civilization, are these idols the native gods? Please match your seats. Why the number of excavated bronze statues basically matches the number of gods registered in the ancient Persian Zoroastrian Bible”Avista”?

6. Said it is a local civilization, why is there a Babylonian script on the bronze statue?

7. Said that it is a local civilization, the ancient Chinese digital expression Shang Dynasty is a calculation, why is the god like a number not a calculation, it is a Babylonian number? Many experts say that Sanxingdui has no text. The fact is that the cuneiform text on these bronze statues is watching you every day, and you don’t know it.

8. It is said that it is a local civilization, why the idol is decorated with a Babylonian view of space and time, and the elliptical earth expressing the”geocentric theory”, January 30 days, half day and night, It runs at an angle of 25 degrees, which coincides with the precise division of the modern solstice, winter solstice, day and night. China’s”native civilization” has always been regarded as a”round place”. Although Qu Yuan raised the question of”how many corners are there in the Astronomy” 2,300 years ago, but he has never defeated the”round place””The orthodox view of China’s view of time and space.

Text restrictions are not enumerated. As listed above, no one can be explained by”native civilization”.

Conversely, if the country overthrows the”native civilization” characterization, it means that 90 years have spent a lot of people, materials, and financial resources, and all self-proclaimed things have been lost. The loss is difficult to estimate. It will also cost a lot to reshape the Sanxingdui cultural brand. The international bullshit is so big, how close? Decision makers in relevant state departments have the courage to be ambitious and correct mistakes.

It’s really difficult. But I believe that the country will ultimately make correct decisions based on facts. Gu Renyun:The ugly daughter-in-law will eventually see her in-laws!

Bronze statues of the hands of Sanxingduiren are not chiefs, they are the most advanced 2600 years ago, and they have forged their human consciences with the best of life, and the greatest soul engineer, ancient Persia Aryan Prophet-Zoroaster!

Pay attention to the explanation of the pictures and benefit more.

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