Saúl:If Real Madrid win the league title, it is due to outstanding performance, not because of VAR

By yqqlm yqqlm

Live broadcast on July 15th. At present, there are 2 rounds left in La Liga. Real Madrid, which currently ranks first in the standings, is 4 points ahead of Barcelona, ​​which has ranked second. Since the resume of the game, the White Army has played in 9 rounds. They won a full victory in the game, if they maintain this state, they are very promising to win the league championship. Recently, Atletico star Saúl also talked about Real Madrid in an interview with Cobb Radio. He said that if Real Madrid won the championship, it is due to their excellent performance, not because of VAR”help”.

First, Saúl talked about Real Madrid, who are competing for the championship:”If Real Madrid finally wins the league title, I think that they deserve it. After all, the league champion must be the best performer of the season. The team won. At this level, I think Real Madrid has played consistently throughout the season. You can see that after the game resumes, Real Madrid is in a very good state.”< /p>

“For the’benefits’ that VAR gives them, Simone tells us that it is because they continue to fight on the field, the result of persistence and hard work. Sometimes you think VAR is beneficial to them, but in fact Sometimes they will also suffer. Like us, sometimes a goal will be cancelled. I think that Morata’s goal a few days ago did not offside, I looked at it, when the ball has left Cork Only after the feet, Morata’s position was slightly forward. This is the complexity of VAR. If we had doubts in the game before, we can only stop, but now you can see the process.”< /p>

Later, Saúl talked about the UEFA Champions League. He first talked about Atletico’s knockout opponent Leipzig Red Bull:“Leipzig is a very good team and they have done a great job this season. And they have already qualified for the Champions League next season. Yes, Werner will not play for Leipzig in the Champions League this season, and he is a very important player for Leipzig, but even so, I still I think they are doing very well this season.”

The reporter said that Atletico Madrid is very lucky because Atletico has avoided a lot of giants and strong opponents in the Champions League draw. Saul said:”Yes, we do avoid a lot of strong teams from the lottery results. However, the teams that can reach the quarter-finals have very good players. If you want to win, it is very difficult. You know, it will be a single game with no fans present… we have to think about how to face such a game.”

Finally, the reporter said that Atletico Madrid may win the Champions League this season The champion, and asked whether Saur had discussed the matter with teammates such as Cork. Saul said:”For this matter, they discussed with me more than I discussed with them. To be honest In fact, I haven’t mentioned these topics very much. In the face of competition and honor, I prefer to deal with it calmly.”