Say no to three straight games! Brother as a coach to help Ya Sang Lai out of the trough

By yqqlm yqqlm

For a Muay Thai legend, he has not won a full year and suffered two consecutive losing streak in his career. These are major blows. In 2019, Yasang Klai is full of regrets. In the”ONE Championship:Fighting the Tigers” game in May 2019, Yasang Klai was beaten down by France’s”AK-47″ Sami Sana, which interrupted the 31-game winning streak. Six months later, he lost the game in front of Chinese boxing fans in a more brutal way, and was beaten by Russian three-time champion Jia Mar Yusupov KO in the second round. After this, Ya Sang Klai returned to Thailand and entered the marriage hall with his lover.

July 31,”ONE Championship:Never Give Up” will start in Bangkok, and Yasang Klai, ranked fifth in featherweight Muay Thai, has the opportunity to challenge world champion Peter Morak. As a husband, Ya Sang Lai is going to return to the peak of his career. As a Muay Thai legend, his career cannot accept a three-game losing streak. He can’t lose this battle!

Peter Morak is not An easy-to-handle boxer, he is younger than Yasang Keli, has the advantage of height and wingspan, and has plenty of physical fitness. He is currently in the rise of his career. In order to successfully defend the title, Page Camp Dee Fight Academy found Peter Morak a number of coaches to help him prepare for the battle. Peter Morak is full of confidence in winning:”I hope everyone will accept that I am the best featherweight Muay Thai player. In my career, I have been trying to prove this. I want to play against Yasang Klai The field is the best way to prove yourself.”

In order to say no to the three-game losing streak, Ya Sang Lai also found a coach suitable for him-Brother Cetta. Zeta and Yasang Klai have worked together for more than ten years. He was the amateur Muay Thai champion from 1985 to 1986 and has been a full-time coach for 20 years. Among them, his cooperation with Yasang Lai was very successful, helping Yasang Lai to win many world champion gold belts. The featherweight Muay Thai gold belt of the ONE Championship is their next goal. Both Yasang Lai and Zetta had trained with the same master, so they had the relationship of brothers and brothers, and they cooperated very well with each other.

Yasang Klai:”My cooperation with Ceta is very good. He understands the rhythm of my target. This is very important for boxer training. He guides me to optimize various techniques, teach me how to play heavier and more accurate, and teach me how to fight. It is more effective. Under the guidance of Ceta, I am progressing very fast. I got a lot of gold belts, which proves how successful our cooperation is. The pride that I am proud of was guided by him. Ceta let me find my own style of play and give full play to my strengths.”

Ceta:”Before I worked with Yasang Keli to get eight gold belts, I am very confident that I will get the ninth gold belt on July 31st !When I give Ya Sangkele a target, I will use a bigger fist target, which can stimulate him to increase the explosive power. When training, I particularly emphasize the combination of fist and elbow. When practicing boxing air blow, I will let him increase the weight and hold the dumbbells for air strikes. It will be more effective to use the MMA gloves to train the fists. I want him to fight fast in this game, but I can’t underestimate the enemy. Use swing or uppercut KO, try to solve the battle within two rounds. When the game starts, everyone will know what secret weapon we have prepared!”

With the help of my brother, Yasang Klai vowed to stop losing streak and return to the championship He can’t afford to lose the throne. The mourning soldiers will win, Yasang Klai come on!