Scientists have discovered materials that exceed the speed of light, making time travel possible

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Now that human civilization has developed to this day, many scientists hope to break through the limit of human speed, and now there are many vehicles that are getting faster and faster. For example, humans first developed bicycles and later developed cars , And the aircraft developed later, now that the technology of human beings has been continuously improved, the speed of researched vehicles has also become faster and faster.

And now humans are constantly breaking through their limits, that is, they hope to one day break through the current speed limit and let the speed of objects reach the speed of photons, Then the speed of light is reached. At present, humans hope to find a speed faster than light. The fastest speed in the universe is the speed of light. In the universe, scientists often use light years to metaphorically at a distance. Enough to see how fast the light is.

However, scientists believe that there may be more material in the universe than light. Scientists have found that the speed of neutrinos is faster than the speed of light. The neutrino has been tested in different stages of speed. In the 1980s, the pulse wave was used to test the speed of the neutrino. The measured speed was actually equal to the speed of light. Later, someone changed a speed increaser. And did the same movement speed.

The neutrino speed was calculated by the formula this time. After taking the median speed, it was found that the speed was slightly higher than the speed of light. However, due to the daily way of thinking I still think that the speed of light is the fastest, and there were many uncertainties in this experiment at that time. Everyone thought that the research results brought by this experiment were of little significance. Later, scientists observed the process of a supernova explosion using special instruments. Neutrinos are detected and have reached Earth three hours before light reaches Earth.

At that time, people still did not realize that the speed of light was slower than neutrinos, and even more inclined to be neutrinos, which were earlier than the explosion of light particles until Relevant scientists in the 21st century have continuously updated their equipment, and the technology has become more and more mature. At present, it is finally determined that the movement speed of neutrinos is faster than that of photons. Action range towel, which is convenient for scientists to observe