Secret Sirius Is ancient technology really more advanced than modern technology?

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Science and technology has always been the biggest driving force for social progress. Increasing progress in technology is also an undeniable topic.

However, some people think that ancient science and technology are far more developed than they are today. Even if our aerial vehicles have already explored most of the solar system, they also think that ancient humans have already done so.

Today we Let’s talk about how the ancient Dogon people knew about the existence of Sirius A, Sirius B and Sirius C.

A few years ago, there was a very popular pop song”The Brightest Star in the Night Sky” that said Sirius. Sirius is a star in Canis Majoris and the brightest star in the night sky. The reason why it is so bright, in addition to his high brightness, is also because he is very close to us, only about 8.6 light years. Sirius is actually a binary star system. Sirius, which we can see with naked eyes, is the main sequence star in this binary star system. It is generally called Sirius A. The mass of Sirius A is twice that of the Sun, and its brightness is 25 times that of the Sun. Sirius A also has a companion star. We call it Sirius B. Originally Sirius B was a star with a mass greater than Sirius A. But then he ran out of energy, evolved into a red giant star, and then collapsed into a white dwarf star. This is how it is now. Now Sirius B is about the size of the earth, but its mass is about the same as the sun, but its brightness is very low. So it can only be observed through an astronomical telescope.

First discovery That day, Sirius B was first seen in 1862 by American astronomer A. Clark using his homemade refraction astronomical telescope.

In 1976, a writer named Robert Temple wrote a book called Sirius Mystery. This book is about the Dogon people living in West Africa. It is said that in the legend of Dogon people, Sirius B has long been known. And they not only knew that there was Sirius B, they also knew that Sirius B was very dense, and that his orbital period was fifty years. As mentioned earlier, Sirius B can only be seen through an astronomical telescope. Where did the ancient Dogon learn about this astronomical knowledge?

According to Robert Temple, two ships were accompanied by fire and thunder long ago

The alien spaceship came to earth. While landing, one of the spacecrafts crashed, and the other landed on the place where the Dogon lived. A group of alien murlocs came out of the spacecraft that landed successfully. These alien murlocs are the Dogon from Sirius b. Call these aliens from Sirius Nome. They are amphibians that look like fish. But judging from the pictures, I think they don’t seem to have any human characteristics, just like fish. And not only do they look like fish, they also need liquid water like fish on earth. So after the spacecraft landed, they immediately built a large reservoir and then hid it in the water.

Later these The Yuren communicated with the Dogon. The astronomical knowledge mastered by many workers in ancient times was what the Noms told them. Later, the Dogon people regarded Nom, the god of heaven, as their own god, as their own belief. This is the true identity of the water god Nome in the myth of Mercury. After hearing this description, I believe many people will feel a little familiar, right? Because the twelfth celestial celestial body is very similar in every way. The first year the book was published was in 1976. It should be more than a coincidence. It shows that in that era, people just like aliens. Because in that era, both the mystery of Sirius and the twelfth celestial body were published as serious archaeological works.

I want To study the truth of a theory, first of all, we should explore the source of this theory. The author of Sirius Mystery is Robert Temple. In fact, he did not personally visit the Dugong people. The mystery of Sirius he wrote is entirely based on the research results of others. It is the French anthropologists Gliaard and Dietren who really get along with many workers for a long time and obtain first-hand research data.

In other words, Robert Temple mainly sorted out the research results of Grial. Then add his own explanations and some adaptations, so that the mystery of Sirius was published, he had not conducted any field investigation and research. And we found that in fact, Temple often does such things. Another of his best-selling books is China’s Creative Spirit, and China’s 100 Best in the World was not written by him, but was extracted from Needham’s Chinese Science and Civilization book, which is equivalent to Needham’s work. Concentrate this.

Masai Gergliar is a French anthropologist and Germain Ditlen is his student. In 1931, they came to the residence of many workers and began to study the Dogon civilization. In 1938, Greer collated his research results and published a paper. He obtained a doctorate by virtue of research on multi-function civilization.

Griar’s most famous work is the book “A Dialogue with Auguste Merrie – An Introduction to Dogon’s Religious Thoughts” published in 1984. In this book, the origins of the Dogon and Sirius are elaborated in detail. From the name of this book, we can know that the source of the multi-common knowledge of Gialal came from Auguste Melli. Who is Auguste Mellie?

Auguste Melli is a blind man. He was the elder of the Dogon people and also the high priest. In the Duo Gong group, he was called or Gong, he was the spiritual leader of the tribe, The status of the Dogon or the Communist is passed on from generation to generation. August Melli learned the religious knowledge of the Dogon from his father and grandfather. At that time, when Greer and Ditron inspected Dogon, they learned the religion and culture of Dogon through this way.

which is Say, from the birth process of the whole Sirius theory, the source of all information seems to come from or in common with the dictation of Auguste Mellie. So did Auguste Mellie really say that? In 1962, Auguste Mellie died. Therefore, the matter about Sirius was personally said by Auguste Meli, or it was speculated by Griar, and there is no way to verify it. However, we can still think about it from the side through the myth of the Dogon people. According to the myth of the Dogon people, their creation god is Ama, the god of the sky. And Nome is the first living creature created by Ama, it is an amphibious fish-like creature. Later, Ama renovated Nome and transformed it into four pairs of twin workers. Think of Nome as his own water god, because the water god is in the form of twins, so they also have special feelings about the twins. If there are twins born in the tribe, they will hold a celebration. From the myth of the Dogon people, we can clearly know the origin of Nuomu. As a confession handed down from generation to generation, Auguste Metty is well aware of these, right, when he tells his myth to outsiders, he may portray Nome as coming out of the spaceship Biological? I think it should be impossible. For them, their own religion and mythology are very sacred, and it is absolutely impossible to add oil to them. So, I think that the bridge section where Nome landed on the alien spaceship should be Griar, according to the myth of the Dogon.

And there is an obvious problem, Greer said that Nome built the reservoir immediately after he came to Earth from Sirius B, and then

After living in water, it means that they are very dependent on liquid water. Although Sirius B has now collapsed into a white dwarf star, it is still emitting residual heat. Its surface temperature is still more than 20,000, let alone liquid water, if Nome is on it, it is estimated that there is no fish bone left. Moreover, because Sirius is a binary system, the orbits of the two stars AB determine their region, and there can be no stable planetary orbit. Even if there are no planets found around Sirius, he will not be spared when Sirius B expands into a red giant.

The energy output by the red giant star will never leave any planet with liquid water. So, all signs indicate that it is impossible for fish or amphibians to come from the Sirius system. After talking about Nome, let’s talk about Sirius must have mentioned that Sirius B cannot be seen directly with the naked eye. How did the ancient Dogon people know about the existence of Sirius b.

To explain This question, let’s discuss another question first. Is the ancient Dogon really know Sirius B? After Greer studied the Dogon civilization, there was another anthropologist named Walter Van Beek. According to his contact with the Dogon people, he did not find that the Dogon people knew about the situation of Sirius B. Occasionally someone will talk about a star called West Valley Shedding, possibly Sirius B. But they said that the star was told by Griar. So Van Bick questioned Griar’s sources. Griar’s main evidence comes from a sand painting. In this sand painting, Yangliar believes that the symbol marked B represents Sirius A, which is the two symbols marked B that humans can see, and represents Sirius B. So why spend two? This is to represent that Sirius B has moved to a different position. And the big circle outside is the orbit of Sirius B. The one marked C is considered to be another undiscovered celestial body Sirius C, but this Sirius C has no evidence of his existence even now. It was through this painting that Greer determined that many workers knew Sirius B.

Does the painting really depict the orbit of Sirius? not necessarily. Because most scholars believe that this painting represents the concept of cosmic eggs. What is a cosmic egg? The universe egg is also called the world egg. He is a concept that exists in myths all over the world. It’s talking about the universe or the original primitive creature, which was hatched from an egg. For example, in our ancient Chinese mythology, Pangu was originally in a chaotic state. But later, he split the egg in half, the rising of the clear air became dark, and the falling of the turbid gas became the ground.

That is In the multifunctional creation myth, there is such a cosmic egg. It first appeared in the egg, which is the creation god Ama we just mentioned. They believe that in this universe, it contains the materials and structures that make up the universe, as well as 266 symbols representing the nature of all things. From these points of view, the sand painting that Bergriar identified as Sirius’ orbit looks like the Dogon’s depiction of the cosmic egg, right. Another evidence of Greer is the Dogon’s grand festival IV Guijie Festival, Sigui Festival is a ceremony held by all the Dogon people to commemorate and honor their ancestors.

Every time during the Four Guixi Festival, many workers will make a new mask. This mask can be several meters long and is called the mother of the mask. Sigui Festival runs from the northeast of the Dogon area. Don’t start each village taking turns to hold celebrations. Therefore, every Sigui Festival will last for several years. There is a saying in the urban legend about the Four Gui Festivals that many workers hold it every 50 years. The Four Laurel Festival coincides with Sirius B’s fifty-year orbital period. So for the Doge Festival, the ancestor commemorated is Nome from Sirius b. However, there is an obvious mistake here. The Sigui Festival of the Dogon people is not held every 50 years, but every 60 years. This has nothing to do with Sirius b. If we assume that the Dogon people, especially High Priest August Melli, really know that Sirius b exists, then there is another possibility. Because during the solar eclipse on April 16, 1893, French astronomers

The expedition led by Henry Desrants visited the overworked area in order to observe the eclipse, and lived in it for a total of five weeks. You think, this expedition is for an eclipse. Here. That means all of them are astronomy enthusiasts. So it should be logical for them to exchange astronomical knowledge with multiple workers. When was Wolf Star B discovered that day? It was 1862.

Therefore, the expedition team in 1893 is very likely to share this new discovery with the Dogon people. After all, since ancient times, Sirius, as the brightest star in the night sky, has attracted attention all over the world and should be regarded as a common topic for everyone. So there is every reason to believe that astronomers from France will definitely talk to many workers about the newly discovered Sirius B. Regarding this phenomenon of knowledge transfer, the famous American scientist Carl Sagan once gave an example that there is a scholar who studies indigenous people in New Guinea. While investigating a disease caused by a virus, an indigenous person drew a circle on the ground with a stick. Then inside the circle, a curved line was drawn, and the scholar was instantly stunned. Isn’t this the structure of the virus? Such a backward indigenous tribe has mastered the virus, does this immediately feel that a mysterious civilization has taught them. However, later this scholar told this matter to a local doctor from the West. The doctor told the truth.

It turns out Before this scholar came, the doctor had introduced the results of the virus to the indigenous people, so they could simply draw it. If you look at the seemingly mysterious event, there may be a very simple reason behind it. It’s just that no one thought of it. Of course, if someone can develop a complete set of prehistoric civilization theories from the point of view of the virus structure drawn by the indigenous people, it is also a remarkable thing.