Sexy bikini, showing a hot body

By yqqlm yqqlm

Swimming can be said to be a sport that everyone likes very much. However, especially for girls, how to choose a swimsuit has become a crucial thing. You can’t choose a suit like the menSwimming trunks and swimming caps are a hassle, so the fairies have a headache.

Going to the beach to swim has become a recent travel goal for many people, But when going to the beach to swim, many girls will have a headache about how to choose a swimsuit. After all, choosing a swimsuit must be considered through various aspects. It is not enough to choose sloppyly. What I want to recommend to everyone today is from the little dolphins. A swimsuit suit makes you a beautiful view by the beach.

This set The swimsuit set from the little dolphin’s house has a total of three styles, including a bikini set inside and an outer blouse style. The red bra inside is designed with straps and ties to make it more sexy. On the simple side, the design of the A-line skirt pants is very comfortable, and there is no need to worry about going out.

The translucent printing element is adopted for the exterior, so that the whole The upper body texture is more elegant, and there is also a sense of self-immortality, allowing you to add points to the image with elegance and gentleness in sexy, allowing you to easily become a beautiful scenery on the beach, and such a charming swimsuit style, you How can you refuse?

outside The outboard style uses a custom swimsuit fabric. The green printing and dyeing process also ensures better quality. At the same time, it also guarantees a soft and delicate feel. The effect of the upper body is very breathable and comfortable. The safe boxer shorts also have a very powerful The effect of abdomen and hip lifting can easily draw a charming curve.

Gathered underwire bra design with built-in steel The bra can gather the chest effectively, making the chest more plump and round, allowing you to easily shape a good S-shaped curve while wearing a bra, and the bra and A-line skirt are also very cute in terms of color selection. There is a kind of The feeling of enthusiasm fits well with the scenery of the sea, and it can also show a charming posture.

10 million Don’t think that your figure is not good, you can’t control such a bikini suit. In fact, the style of bikini swimsuits will be very inclusive to a large extent. For example, the design of swimming trunks will adopt a high-waisted version. The advantage of this version is that it can easily provide you with a high visual height.

The style of corset is actually designed with straps Very inclusive, even the girls with flat chests, wearing such swimsuits can also show neat and charming figure, the gathering effect is absolutely excellent, but just through these two aspects is enough to see, such a little dolphin The body shape of the swimsuit suit is completely unlimited.

If you happen to want to travel to the beach in the near future, then travel Have you prepared the swimsuit style with grass above? Hurry up and let the scenic beach turn into a stage where you dare to imagine!