Shangguan News issued:Unloading Meituan, can the level of Chinese men’s football be improved?

By yqqlm yqqlm

Recently,”Shangguan News” published an article on the debate between footballers and the CEO of Meituan. The author of the article said that Chinese men’s football should reflect on their performance.

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The article said that speaking has an objective context. Wang Xing’s focus is on the three-thousand-meter running performance, and some professional players can’t beat Tsinghua students.”Endurance running is certainly not the only skill a football player needs, but compared with the spirit that Korean men’s football can’t run, Chinese men’s football has to pay more attention to the words of non-professionals, which is shameful.”

The author said,”12-minute running” is an endurance test, which does not fully reflect the specific endurance of the players, but Chinese football has not been able to embark on the technical flow route of Japan, nor has it been able to learn South Korea’s”run undead” to make up for the gap in technology. Players in self-discipline I failed to meet the standard. The current national football team, Li Tie, was once a representative of “running undead”. When coaching Zall, he also emphasized the importance of running. However, the current physical fitness of the national football team still cannot meet the requirements in this regard. In high-intensity confrontation, it will frequently make mistakes and physical fitness. Can’t keep up.

The article finally wrote:Speaking of Li Yi uninstalling Meituan, I believe it will not affect the number of Meituan users. After all, watching one less of a national football game may make you feel less cumbersome, and you will be hungry if you eat less.