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1. On Venus, one day is longer than one year

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Generally speaking When describing time as passing slowly, we will use the idiom”to live like a year”. But on Venus, this idiom is appropriate, not exaggerated at all.

The rotation of Venus is very slow, and the time taken for one revolution is equivalent to 243 days (5832 hours) of the earth. In contrast, Venus orbits around the Sun faster, with an orbital speed of 35.02 km/s, and an orbital period equivalent to 224.7 days (5392.8 hours) on Earth. Therefore, a day on Venus is longer than a year on Earth.

2. The Pacific Ocean in our east is actually much larger than expected, and can occupy one third of the earth’s area

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The above picture may not have any concept, but when all the land area of ​​the earth is placed in the Pacific Ocean, there are still more than 30 million square kilometers of surplus, which shows its greatness.

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3. The land farthest from the ocean in the world is located near the Alashankou, which is called”Eurasia is hard to reach

This place is also close to more than 2,500 kilometers from the nearest ocean;

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And the most away from the land Far away is the”Nimo Point” in the Pacific Ocean, surrounded by a total of 9 million square miles of water. The nearest land block is more than 2,600 kilometers away.

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4. From the perspective of the entire history of the earth, there have been more than 115 billion humans who have lived, including the existing 70 With a population of more than 100 million, you are also one of them

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Each point in the picture above is 10 million people, and there are about 1.4 per year 100 million people were born, and about 57 million people died. It is estimated that 108 billion people have lived and died on Earth.

5. Which states are the easternmost, westernmost, southernmost, and northernmost states in the United States?

Needless to say, the southernmost part is Hawaii.

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The northernmost and westernmost are also easy to answer, both are in Alaska.

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The red area is Alaska, USA▲

What many people don’t think is that the easternmost state is still Alaska ! why?

Alaska has a long chain of islands called Aleutian Islands, and the 180-degree meridian passes through Aleu In the Shen Islands, some small islands went to the eastern hemisphere, so they became the easternmost territory of the United States.

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The picture on the left is the Aleutian Islands, and the picture on the right is on both sides of the 180 degree meridian▲

6. There are territorial disputes between many countries in the world, but at the border of Egypt and Sudan on the African continent, there is a piece called Bir Taiweiler(Bir Tawil)’s inland areas are unclaimed

Egypt and Sudan not only turned a blind eye to this more than 2,000 square kilometers of land, but also simply avoided it outer.

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Of course, this is not unreasonable.

In the final analysis, it is still the”mine” laid by Britain. Earlier, Egypt and Sudan were both British colonies in Africa. Of course, it was impossible for the United Kingdom to manage such a large area of ​​land, so it was just north of 1899. 22 degrees is the demarcation line.

Later, in 1902, the United Kingdom revised the border between the two countries and assigned the former 1899 boundary to Sudan’s Birtweiler (the dotted line on the left side of the above picture) to Egypt, which originally belonged to The Harabi of Egypt (the dotted line on the right side of the picture above) is allocated to Sudan.

This adjustment later made a big deal. It turned out that Harabi is much more valuable than Birtweil, its area is about ten times that of Birtwiller, it is scattered with oasis with grass and trees, and it is close to the Red Sea, with the ports of Saladin and Harrah Compared with the current population of about 10,000 people, oil was later discovered.

With such an adjustment, Sudan is naturally satisfied, but Egypt is not satisfied.

Both countries are afraid that if they claim that Bil Taiweiler is a territory, it will damage their position in the dispute over the sovereignty of Harabe, because this will be said to admit that it is harmful to themselves. Of the territorial boundary. Neither of them wanted to pick up the sesame and lose the watermelon.

7. Our country is the coldest country in the same latitude in the world

Paris in France is about 48 degrees north latitude, Paris in winter is like this, snow It’s a bit “gentle” to go down;

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Further north, London, England is located at about 51 degrees north latitude, like this in winter;

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Continue north, Helsinki, Finland is located at 60 degrees north latitude, this is the case in winter;

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In Harbin, China, which is located at 46 degrees north latitude, it is like this in winter. It is covered by thick snow and ice, and it looks obviously colder than the above three.

In fact, although Harbin has lower latitudes than Paris, London, and Helsinki, it is indeed much colder than the three-the average temperature in January is nearly 15 degrees lower!

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There is a more obvious contrast, China’s extremely cold Mohe, located at about 52 degrees north latitude, the winter temperature is close to minus 30 degrees, and the same The lowest temperature of Liverpool in the UK at latitudes is mostly above 0℃, and the port is not frozen all year round, which is similar to the temperature of Hangzhou and Changsha in China.

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Left is winter in Mohe, China, right is winter in Liverpool, UK▲

This reflects a geographical knowledge:China is the coldest country in the world at the same latitude. The average temperature of each point on the global latitude circle is called the average latitude temperature. The average temperature in northeast my country is about 14-18°C lower than the latitude circle; the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River are 10-14°C lower; the south of the Yangtze River is 8°C lower; even the coastal areas of southern China are about 5°C lower.

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Why is there such a big difference?

Most of the cold air that invades our country comes from the Arctic Ocean, and then is strengthened by the cold Siberia. Under the guidance of the high-altitude northwest airflow, the cold wave will explode and continue to accumulate and invade our country, making our temperature more than the same latitude The area is obviously low.

8. The largest prefecture-level city in Inner Mongolia, Hulunbeier, has an area of ​​262,000 square kilometers

How big is this? Approximately equivalent to the area of ​​Shandong Province + Jiangsu Province, equivalent to the area of ​​the United Kingdom!

9. The county with the largest administrative area in China is Xinjiang Ruoqiang County, with an area of ​​202,000 square kilometers

Basically equal to Jiangsu Province + Zhejiang Province Area.

In addition to its large area, Ruoqiang County is also known as a famous Silk Road town, and is the intersection of Eastern and Western cultures. There are four”world’s most”.

The most historical monument. World-class cultural heritage site-Loulan Ancient City is located in Ruoqiang County, the most unique and unique Loulan in the world Culture can be called”the most humanistic landscape in the world”;

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Loulan Old City Ruins▲

The most ecological resources. The Aljin Mountain National Nature Reserve in Ruoqiang County is the largest nature reserve in China and the largest inland area in the world.

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Aljin Mountain National Nature Reserve▲

The most geographical scenery. Ruoqiang County is located in the Tarim Basin, China’s largest basin, with the longest inland river in China, the Tarim River, and the obligatory Lop Nur , and there are three deserts of Taklimakan Desert, Kumtag Desert and Kumkuli Desert.

The most mineral resources. Ruoqiang County is China’s largest potash storage base and China’s largest nickel capital.