Shen Congwen | It only takes a moment to meet a person, but it takes a lifetime to understand a person

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Once the carriage was slow, the correspondence was far away, and I could only love one person in my life.

Shen Congwen and The love of Zhang Zhaohe is simple and romantic,

The second brother loves three or three in his life, and Shen Congwen has a Zhang Zhaohe, enough for his life.

I’m leaving you for a week today, the day is really unpleasant to travellers, because this week, I don’t The car suffers, not the cold, or the sloppy diet.

But I think you are too bitter.

Thirty-three, I now know that separation is not a fun art for young people, you see, it’s only a quarter of separation now, When I can’t live, there are twenty days, what can I do with these twenty days? !

Excerpt——”Xiang Xing San Ji”

Second Brother—Shen Congwen, San San—Zhang Zhaohe

    < li>The so-called view of the sea, the sea has a story

  • I understand you will come, so I wait.
  • I thought I was a lonely person, but now I understand that since we were together, I have become a person who cannot leave you.

  • I’m reviewing your Everything, I weighed my luck and calculated it, but it didn’t make me understand a little bit.
  • I am so afraid of coming into contact with your soul because you are so beautiful.

  • In the mountains and green water In the meantime, I want to hold your hand and walk across the bridge, with green leaves and red flowers on the bridge, flowing water people under the bridge, green silk at the end of the bridge, and white hair at the end of the bridge.
  • I have traveled bridges in many places, seen clouds many times, drank many kinds of wine, but only loved a person of the right age.

  • We love each other for a lifetime Still too short
  • I will miss you while looking at the water

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Let’s not go into the historical ending, in these texts, the story of the second brother and the third three really spilled out.

The wanton love is enviable.

But no matter how beautiful the love affair, life is nothing more than a feather. Shen Congwen and Zhang Zhao and Zeng Yeai’s vigorousness

But in the end, this marriage was not completed due to various factors.

When Shen Congwen passed away, he took Zhang Zhaohe’s hand”···Sister Sister, I’m sorry you···”

Second brother wrote a love story all his life, after all, he still put this love It became a memory.

  • “Thirty-three, be a little bit, rest assured, I am all right! I am alone on the boat, I think of you when I see everything.”


The so-called view of the sea has stories.

The sea welcomes you and looks forward to bringing your story with you.

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