Shining eyes, piercing the soul:look at the truth of the personality of street beauty from a psychological perspective!

By yqqlm yqqlm

” The second issue of the theme of”Flashing Moments”

The beautiful women who come from the models are the most beautiful scenery on the street. Street shots record the moments when the beauties shine, but when we see these street shots, we often can’t tell where the beauty is, and what regrets? What kind of personality and psychological quality are these beautiful women?

From a psychological point of view, the author takes everyone to enjoy and discuss a group of beautiful street shooting pictures. Let us study the truth of the street shooting beauty together!

The first group of pictures:

How do you feel when you look at the beautiful women on the picture? First of all, we look at the dresses and costumes of beautiful women. The beauty is wearing a long dress with open collar camisole. Everyone will think that the beauty is open enough, a large piece of naked skin! In fact, there should be a beige coat outside the skirt. This skirt is the clothes of the early spring and autumn, because the weather is hot and beautiful women have to take off their jackets.

Brown means steady and restrained, conservative and restrained, which is a strong sense of self-protection. Looking at its toad black sunglasses, this is a typical manifestation of implicit protection. Look at the phone in its hand. If you are careful, you will see a charging cable at the rear of the phone. Going out with a charging treasure and a charger is not just a lack of power to the mobile phone battery, but also a unique habit of people who are more cautious. Do these people often go back to see the window closed? Is the door locked? There are more obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Look at the lipstick and nail polish, although the color is a little darker than the brown color, but the color system is consistent and harmonious.

Looking at the thin stripes of the skirt again, it looks slim, and the long shoulder straps make people more slender overall.

From the perspective of the entire dress, it gives a noble and noble impression. It is reserved and reserved, life is exquisite and tasteful, and it is persistent and serious.

Behind the beauty, her long ponytail and meticulous hair comb, this dress once again proves its implicit and restrained side, Ponytails also represent the pursuit of purity and simplicity. This can also explain its pursuit of a clean, pure, serious life.

Look closely at the back of the skirt. Because it wears more times, the seat is crumpled. This proves that the clothes are not just bought. At least it has been worn for a season in spring, and it has been taken off in summer. The coat continued to wear out. This once again shows that the beauty is emotionally stable and does not go all the way.

Look at the beautiful women’s earrings and necklaces, small and exquisite, simple and exquisite, which shows that she is not public, implicit and reserved, and pursues a simple and simple life. Look at its bracelet again is brown, this color woman is rare, indicating that she has a stable mood, perseverance, subtlety, restraint, and specific personality.

Look at the second group:

We can see at a glance its new Apple phone, Gucci luxury handbags, Diamond high-heeled sandals, textured satin dress, this dress is expensive! At first glance is a luxurious and noble woman! Most of them feel pretty good, but can you understand what she meant by wearing an orange-red open collar dress?

The orange-red color symbolizes enthusiasm, unrestrained and free-spirited, and the expression of Zhang Yang’s extroversion. Is this really the case?

Look at the picture above. Shawl long hair, silky and smooth, beige Gucci pouch looks restrained and reserved, the shoulder strap is very short, it is a state of psychological tightening. Looking at its mobile phone, although it is top-mounted with Apple, its color is dark gray, which is a low-key subtle and heavy, neutral and cold tone. Looking at its crystal-colored glasses, it is a well-prepared, simple atmosphere, with light tones, and it also shows its simple, concise and reserved style.

Why do all these small pieces of decoration differ from the color of the skirt? Do you say that these small pieces take a long time or a skirt? Obviously small pieces. In fact, although the beauty wore an orange skirt in the hot summer, she tried to change her stereotypical neutral character. The color of the skirt is chosen correctly, but the texture is indeed a very textured satin material. From the workmanship point of view, the atmosphere is stable, highlighting the texture and taste, and ultimately matches its own temperament. The beauties wanted to break through their restrained neutral temperament for a while, but in the end they still did not achieve their expected results.

Looking at its pointed high-heeled plastic high-heeled shoes, it gives an aggressive impression. Looking at her expression again, her eyes are deep and her expression is firm and solemn, so her character is by no means the kind of passionate and romantic image she wants. Although the color has changed, it has not fundamentally changed its character.

Looking at the picture above, the movement of the backpack’s arms is completely a kind of restrained defense. Look at its eyes and stare, if any With a serious and thoughtful expression, his grim, persistent, and firm personality will not change because of the change in the color of her skirt.

The third group of pictures:

Looking at the picture above, you will notice the abrupt beauty at first glance On the chest is a striking deck of playing cards. The body was hot, the clothes were cool, and a huge playing card was put on it. What is the purpose? The role of playing cards is to attract people’s attention to the playing cards, to guide people to see their chests. It can be seen that the character of the beauty is outgoing and unrestrained.

Beauty dresses boldly enable black and white toning. Black is restrained and white is highlighted, forming a sharp contrast. When people are successfully attracted to the chest, a long drooping strip around the waist successfully guides people’s eyes from the chest to the legs. Long straps and long flared pants make the legs slim. The thigh pants are tightened, and the lower part is flared, just to highlight the curve of the hips.

Originally, black and white is the most common and most likely to cause aesthetic fatigue. Under the bold decoration of the beauty, it highlights its eye-catching figure. Undoubtedly, the beauty of women is avant-garde and bold enough.

The movement of a beautiful woman touching her head illustrates her guilty conscience. Want to cover up his panic mood. This shows that the girl lacks sufficient confidence.

In the picture above, the girl touched her hair, which is a typical characteristic of shyness.

Looking at its loose shawl long hair and the gesture of carrying a bag, it is a gesture of completely open mind. Obviously, this is a kind of pose, with a gesture of gesture, intentionally doing it, but it seems to be stiff and artificial. Therefore, the beauty of the third group of women is opposite to that of the first two groups. They are open-minded, extroverted and lively. Their psychology is open, but they still lack confidence and seem to be floating. Even so, they still work hard to promote themselves and show themselves. of.

Fourth group of pictures

The above picture shows a beautiful woman with her arms akimbo, her waist forward, and the other hand covered Before the legs. It is a kind of psychology that is both welcoming and shameful. Judging from the slightly crooked corner of his mouth and a stiff smile, his heart is not too confident, but he is pretending to be cheerful and pretending to be calm!

Look at the dress code. The upper body linen shoulder strap vest has both texture and immaturity. For a slightly thin and slender beauty, horizontal stripes can make her look plump. Shoulder straps and childish colors highlight their younger and more childlike!

The white washed bubble skirt highlights the unrestrained freedom of young girls.

The long hair of the slightly curly shawl flutters behind like a waterfall, symbolizing its unrestrained character. The long lady’s small bag hangs obliquely on the hip, which also shows its flying and outgoing character. Coupled with the attraction of white, let people focus on the bubble group at once, thus highlighting its slender beautiful legs. From the perspective of the dress, the little beauty intends to express herself, and strives to show her own advantages, regardless of the bare parts. Lively and extroverted, enthusiastic and unrestrained personality is revealed.

Looking at the picture above, the butterfly female bag is expensive, which shows that the girl pursues luxury and taste. Although Apple phones are outdated models, rotten apples are also apples! Regardless of whether it is easy to use or not, it is a symbol of fashion.

Looking at the high-heeled sandals of their feet, green diamonds were inlaid behind the sandals. This pursuit of luxury and taste has reached the extreme. This combination does add a personality that leads the publicity, and it matches with the vest bubble skirt, but the taste can’t be seen anymore! Looking at the girl overall, she is extroverted and lively, but she still lacks background and precipitation, so her temperament is still slightly different from the first group and the second group of beauties. Perhaps this is the reason for the lack of years of training!