Sigh! 38-year-old Adriano fell into the streets

By yqqlm yqqlm

Adriano was hailed as the”King” during Inter Milan’s time and was the main striker of the Brazilian national team, unfortunately the stadium The uncontrolled life outside affected his career development. Now 38-year-old Adriano has long since retired, and recently he has been drunk on the streets of Brazil and has been criticized.

This week a video was posted online, I only saw the video Adriano was drunk, unconscious, and wobbled while walking. One of his friends could only help Adriano. Adriano first turned around and said something to the crowd next, and then he was stumbling along with his friend and left.

The media revealed that Adriano was in BrazilRio de Janeiro attends a party in the Villa de Pena slums, and then drinks with friends without restraint. And this video of Adriano has also caused criticism from many Brazilian netizens. People think that during the New Crown Virus epidemic, Adri Jarno should not have such a party with friends.

Brazil’s current new crown epidemic is very serious. More than 1.8 million people have been diagnosed and more than 70,000 people have died because of the epidemic. Even Brazilian President Bolsonaro has been diagnosed with the virus. But Brazil still has not taken strict anti-epidemic measures, and many people are still holding parties. As a public figure, Adriano should be an example in this regard.