Simone:At this stage, it is too difficult to break the situation of Real Madrid Barcelona dominating La Liga

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Thursday, July 16 Atletico coach Simony attended the pre-match press conference with Getafe

Atletico Madrid this season has achieved the goal of entering the Champions League, and now some clubs want to buy Broke Oblak, I don’t know what you think of this?

In fact, I’m not surprised, because at the end of each season, Many of our excellent players will attract the attention of the best clubs in the world. This is normal. They Need to find the best players, and Atletico Madrid have top players. Last season, some players chose to stay, while others left.

And players like Oblak want any club, for us, Aub Lack is one of our captains, a very important player, and the weight within the team is also becoming more and more important. And we hope he can continue to play for us for many years, because his performance is very good.

I want to know what Oblak means to you? Is there any difference between Oblak and Atletico Madrid?

I said that before, and I still say that, it’s really not a surprise to me that a goalkeeper like Oblak, at this level, getting so much attention, because he It’s really good. He is our key player. He is also important in our locker room. He is one of our captains. He gets better and better every year, whether it’s on the court or off the court. Some work, I hope he can continue to serve us for more years.

Congratulations to Atletico Madrid once again entering the Champions League. For you, coaching for 8 years, has it become an obligation to enter the Champions League, not simply the goal:

Thanks, I think this is the responsibility. It is the responsibility to enter the Champions League because we have always wanted the club to get better and better. We are doing it from players, coaches, and club managers. This is the reason for the growth of the club.

This goal is not easy, it needs everyone, any club has its own goal, we prepare for this, but sometimes, we may not be able to achieve all goals.

Of course, thank God, we are fortunate every year, on the basis of hard work and dedication, and responsibility, we enter the Champions League year by year. There is no doubt that Atletico also changes every year. The basis for getting better and getting better is that we are achieving our goals every year.

Getafe performed very well this season, and they faced Barcelona,Real Madrid, have a good chance to beat opponents like Ajax, but why they always seem completely in the face of Atletico Madrid Can’t make it work?

First of all, what I want to say is the work of Mr. Getafe and Mr. Bordallas, which is very good. Every year is progressing, every year is leaving the Champions League, the European War is getting more and more Recently, their players are very committed and have a very distinctive style. You can like it or not, but their results are there. I only know that few teams want to play against Getafe.

They are now in a very good position. Without a doubt, I wish them all the best, because of their abilities, and their ability to transform style into combat power, which I respect very much. You can like or like this style, but Getafe’s combat effectiveness is really excellent.

You just said that entering the Champions League is a responsibility for Atletico Madrid, but at the beginning of the season, many people were still discussing whether Atletico Madrid is the strongest in history, you can understand this Are some fans falling behind?

Yes, I say this is a responsibility, but it does not mean that we will not demand ourselves at a higher level. We must have put forward high demands on ourselves first, but on the other hand, we know that in La Liga is basically the Real Madrid Barcelona duo, this It is the only one of the five major leagues in Europe.

In The Premier League, there are Manchester City, Liverpool and the like, Ligue 1, basically Paris, Bundesliga , Bayern, Serie A, Juventus. There are two in La Liga, Real Madrid and Barcelona, we see that when one of them, Real Madrid this year, they have achieved a nine-game winning streak in the quarter-finals, although we can say that Real Madrid has not shown a status that completely overwhelms others.

Real Madrid have won 9 straight, and we have 6 wins and 3 draws. For this result, although we lost 6 points, it is already a remarkable result. In the knockout game, we have a chance to beat Barcelona and Real Madrid, because it’s just one game , but in the league In the middle, it’s too hard to bring them down.

In the past few years, La Liga champions except Barcelona and Real Madrid, only Atletico won once, but in the second place, we have 2 times, and we have many times in the third place. We have been approaching the top two.

Only if we guarantee to enter the Champions League every year, can we give the club the opportunity to ensure a more relaxed business environment and keep the team progressing. And when Real Madrid and Barcelona are not in state, we have the opportunity to compete with them.

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