Since you can’t stop staying up all night, then use Oubaia to stay up and repair the mask

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Looking up late seems to be one of the essential life steps of modern people. Although it is very tiring to go to work every day, I still use my mobile phone to Can’t stop staying up all night, and over time, the skin began to pull the alarm.

Not only does the entire person’s face appear puffy, but the skin is rough and dark The problem of sinking and drying is very serious, and it seems to be particularly insane.

Not only the dullness caused to the skin after staying up late at night The appearance looks very bad, even when going out to work the next day, it seems so unspiritual!

Why the skin looks dull after staying up late

Staying up late will cause the skin to love oil more.

Let’s stay up all night will disturb the skin’s metabolism and stimulate the secretion of oil, which will easily lead to the appearance of a large amount of oil.

Staying up late will cause dry skin.

Often staying up late can easily affect the normal repair of the sebum layer, its water retention and moisturizing ability will decrease, and the skin is prone to dry and dry conditions.

Staying up late will result in dull skin tone.

After staying up late, the skin’s metabolism is blocked, so that the toxins in the skin cannot be discharged in time and deposited in the skin.

Some friends may have to say, I also know the harm of staying up late, but because of work, I have to stay up late, and I can’t help it!

Obaya R&D engineer After careful research, I finally came up with the most suitable mask for staying up late. If you want to carry out the staying up all night, Oubaya Stay Up Night Repairing Mask will accompany your skin repair.

Product core ingredients< /p>

Product core ingredients


Selection of the most effective anti-wrinkle ingredients imported from the United States—-ceramide

Extracted from specific fish or algae derived from non-polluted deep sea areas, nerve Amides, also known as sphingolipids, are lipids present in the skin. They can quickly restore moisture and barrier function during the formation of the cuticle of the epidermis.

Ceramide has a strong ability to associate water molecules. It maintains skin moisture by forming a network structure in the stratum corneum. Therefore, ceramide has the effect of maintaining skin moisture, can improve the skin’s ability to hold water, reduce wrinkles, enhance skin elasticity, and delay skin aging.

Contains small molecule anti-wrinkle ingredients—- -Oligopeptide-1

A classification of polypeptides, the molecular weight range is generally below 1000 Daltons, also known as small peptides, oligopeptides, oligopeptides, or small molecules Active peptides are generally composed of 2-6 amino acids, and those that exceed are called polypeptides, and polypeptides with more than 50 amino acids are called proteins.

High concentration is used for postoperative repair, and low concentration is used for red blood repair! It also has anti-wrinkle and anti-aging effects and is effective against wrinkles, stretch marks, and obesity.

Efficacy one

Smooth and translucent

Gives the skin a silky smooth touch, Remove dullness and dullness, make the skin glow and shine

Efficacy II

Firming and anti-wrinkle

Promotes collagen proliferation and stimulates cells Regeneration ability, lighten fine lines and dry lines, leaving skin full and radiant.

< strong>Efficacy III

Injury repair

High concentration of essence instantly moisturizes the skin and clears the accumulated damage of the skin during the day.

< strong>Function 4

Lock nutrition

Form a transparent protective film on the surface of the skin to lock nutrients from moisture loss, so that the skin can get Long-lasting nourishment

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Cute little fairies, no longer afraid of staying up all night, stay up all night to repair the mask and use it to give you nourishment and care all night and be your intimate little secretary.