Solskjaer:Asked Rushford about Sancho

By yqqlm yqqlm

According to The Mirror, Manchester United coach Solskjaer admitted that he had inquired about La Sanco Ashford’s opinion.

Solskjaer said in an interview:”As a teammate of the England national team, I asked Rashford, do you think it is the same as Sancho what is it like being a teammate, will he adapt to this?”

Reported that Solskjaer believes that Rashford’s evaluation is also an English international Will be more reliable. He said:”Our scouts did a very detailed analysis, but we still want to hear the opinions of those who have played with him. So we found his teammates, including his national teammates.” /p>

“We did the same during the introduction of Fernandez. We got a very fair evaluation from Ronaldo and finally decided to sign him.”