“Soul of Horse” media score summary:defining samurai legend with game medium

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The media rating of”Soul of Horse” has been lifted. As of writing, Metacritic included 67 media reviews with an average score 84 points; Opencritic included 76 media reviews with an average score of 85 points and a recommendation rate of 89%. This work is currently open for pre-sale and pre-load on the PS4 platform, and will be officially lifted on July 17, 2020, supporting Chinese.

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Said”Soul of a Horse””Like”Assassin’s Creed””, essentially because it failed to bring us in the gameplay Big surprise. But for those who like samurai themes and can accept open-world gameplay, this work is still worth playing. After all, there are not many options on the market for samurai-themed 3A action adventure games with a realistic background and gameplay. What’s more,”The Soul of the Horse” brings us a beautiful, open world full of stories.

If you like”Assassin’s Creed” before RPG, or a samurai culture lover, and do not resist open world games, then the beauty of the island, the charm of the warrior duel and the thought-provoking Spur tasks should not disappoint your expectations.


  • Relatively realistic sword fighting system
  • Samurai movie-style art style
  • The open world question mark is displayed very well Restraint
  • Beautiful scenery
  • The branch line is full


  • Some plots are unreasonable
  • Key allocation is unreasonable and cannot be customized
  • Subtitles and mouth shape are not adjusted for Japanese voice


Sucker Punch Studio’s first attempt to sneak into the game was successful. As the background of this story about revenge and honor is quite beautiful, the visual effect of the environment is enjoyable. The combat and stealth system is very solid, but there are some problems with the shooting and attack determination. The biggest problem is that the Japanese voice and the character’s mouth are not synchronized, which is a shame for this game.”The Soul of the Horse” is not the most creative way to end this generation, but it is an interesting work.


“Soul of a Horse” captures the mystery, violent content and almost uncontrollable emotions unique to those great samurai movies. The tribute to its inspiration is quite straightforward:Sucker Punch added the”Blackpool Mode” to the game, and the black and white film texture and sound effects multiplied the atmosphere of the classic old movie. Even if it is only started in a few small tasks, it is worth a try. In addition to this cool feature, this game also achieves the visual aesthetic it wants to achieve, solidly defining the samurai legend with the game medium.

Game Spot:7/10


  • The open world environment is amazing, and the wizard mechanism can help players integrate more quickly Among them
  • The wonderful battle successfully imitated the style of the samurai movie in the movie theater
  • Excellent camera technology creates many highlight moments
  • Using the”stealth mechanism” and” “War Ghost Weapon” can play the enemy with fun


  • The rigid task structure often makes people feel bored
  • Cross-cut animation Lack of expressiveness, which discounts the game atmosphere of the movie version
  • Inappropriate viewing angles and environmental objects often bring trouble to the battle
  • Japanese dubbing and character’s mouth style are not It’s embarrassing to give a sense of disconnection
  • It’s embarrassing for players to be unable to chop down the bamboo in the game


Sucker Punch The world of this tribute is copied from rigid, it does provide a decent combat system for people to enjoy, but only if you can accept this embarrassing deliberate plot.


“Soul of Horse” is a huge and high-density filled samurai adventure film, its visual spectacle and wonderful battles often amazed me Endlessly. Gradually unlock new skills instead of numerical stacking. Swordsmanship remains challenging, rewarding and fun throughout the entire journey of four to fifty hours.
Compared with other Sony first-party games, some aspects of this game are unexpectedly lacking in polishing, especially the enemy’s AI and stealth parts. Nevertheless, this game is still an extraordinary open-world action adventure game, which solves some problems that have not been solved in this field for a long time, and also provides a comprehensive samurai role-playing experience.

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