South Korean triathlon athlete committed suicide and suffered bullying during his lifetime

By ddzyx

Korean society is full of bullying culture is a well-known thing, seniors bully juniors, superiors bully subordinates, and mutual bullying among classmates, colleagues, colleagues…

26th of last month Cui Shuxian, a member of the South Korean triathlon national team, was unable to withstand bullying in the team and left the message”Mom, these people’s crimes are to be made public”, ending his short life in an extreme way. 23 years old.

It is understood that Cui Shuxian was selected to the national team in 2015 and won the bronze medal in the Asian Women’s Youth Championships held in the same year, and ranked fourth in the 2016 National Championships Elite Women’s Competition, and was ranked South Korea. The media is regarded as the most potential triathlete.

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But what followed her was not the glory of success, but the bullying and bullying of the coach and the team’s predecessors.

South Korean media reported that Cui Shuxian sent a message to his family on June 26, leaving”Mother, I love you”,”Help me disclose those people’s crimes” and so on, and then lost contact. When the police and her family found her, she died in an athlete’s dormitory in Busan.

On July 1, South Korean media YTN TV announced a recording of 1 minute 03 seconds.

The content shows that when he was not recruited to the national team on weekdays, Cui Shuxian stayed in the Gyeongju City Hall (equivalent to the provincial team) to train. Because the weight was overweight, the coach asked her to grind her teeth tightly and scolded threateningly:”Do you want to be killed?”

Then there was a series of slaps, which is expected to be Cui Shuxian Was beaten by the coach.

Cui Shuxian said that he was asked by the coach to fast for three days thereafter.

Cui Shuxian also claimed that he was beaten by a coach like a dog. This has happened many times, and he would rather die rather than endure it.

What’s even more incredible is that the team doctor who was supposed to be responsible for the health of athletes has also been revealed to have abused Cui Shuxian for 20 minutes, and even slandered her for drinking carbonated beverages, contrary to the athlete’s meal. Food standards, and then forced her to eat 200,000 won (about 1178 yuan) of bread as a penalty.

In addition to physical abuse, Cui Shuxian was once said by his teammates to look like a transgender.

Cui Shuxian once complained to the Korean Sports Association and the Korean Triathlon Association in February and April this year. But regrettably, despite her desperate efforts to seek help, everyone evaded the case, either refusing to accept it or delaying it for a long time.

Physical and verbal insults, deliberate difficulties and exclusions, as well as beatings after losing the game, especially the helplessness of many parties… All of the above led to Cui Shuxian’s choice.

Cui Shuxian’s suicide and his life experience caused anger throughout the whole of Korea:the “National Petition” section set up on the Qingwatai website of the South Korean Presidential Palace, some people initiated a petition asking the government to pay attention to and handle the case.

As of July 3, more than 50,000 people have participated in the signing of support.

At present, relevant departments of the Korean government have promised to set up an investigation team to investigate the matter.

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