Spain reappears of jihadist groups, is terrorism”resurgence”?

By yqqlm yqqlm

Spanish China Street News:In the anti-jihad operation deployed by Barcelona Mossos d&39; Esquadra this morning, The two arrested persons chose several locations in Barcelona in an attempt to create an explosion attack.

According to the Catalonia police report, the National Court This operation led by Judge Manuel García Castellón arrested two Algerians who were 41 and 43 years old, and they were allegedly responsible for determining Identity and control the selected target.

This operation is the second phase of Operation Alexandria ordered by the judge in January last year. The police twice entered the Barceloneta area and conducted a search. 19 people were arrested .

According to Mossos d&39;Esquadra, the jihadist group that wanted to use explosives to launch an attack in the city of Barcelona has been neutralized during the arrest on Tuesday.

In fact, the organization has already begun operations to purchase explosives and war weapons used to make attacks, but these operations were already in the first stage of anti-jihad operations Abort. The investigation conducted last year has identified where the criminal gang wanted to make an attack.

In this Tuesday’s operation, the arrested person was accused of participating in terrorist organizations and actively cooperating, preparing for terrorist activities, training and jihad indoctrination crime.