Spanish guy Dennis:I am crazy about Chinese Kung Fu Wing Chun

By ddzyx

Dennis Perez, a young man from Madrid, Spain, is 29 years old and lives in Jinan, Shandong. Like many Spaniards, he loves sports. But the difference is that this Spanish guy is obsessed with Chinese Kung Fu Yongchun Boxing. Now, he also”gets an axe” and opened his own Yongchun boxing gym in Shandong.

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Master and Dennis Wing Chun Quan (Photo provided by the respondent)

Love Chinese Kung Fu Wing Chun Quan

Dennis enjoys sports and has been practicing since the age of 14. Fighting sports, but it was not until 2015 that he came into contact with Wing Chun.”Initially, what I practiced was not Wing Chun Quan, but a kind of”Wing Fight” developed from Wing Chun Quan New genre of martial arts. At that time, there was a martial arts school near my house to teach this, so I decided to give it a try.” According to Dennis, this new genre uses mixed martial arts, but it follows Wing Chun’s principles and discards all “inefficient” parts. Although Dennis finds Wing Fight very interesting, his curiosity about the real Wing Chun is increasing day by day. In the end, he decided to change to another school to learn more authentic Wing Chun.

“In Spain, the schools I used to practice martial arts are very good martial arts schools, but they are more focused on martial arts and limbs.” Dennis believes that Western martial arts are only used for physical fitness fighting Sports only pursue simple and effective fighting techniques, and only care about defeating opponents at the fastest speed, without any elements of meditation and relaxation.”But what I am after is not this, because I am not a combative person. I am friendly and have never fought. When I first started practicing these, I just wanted to keep fit. But when I came into contact with China After Kung Fu, I found that its connotation is far beyond the body level.”

Dennis told us that he likes and pursues the benefits that Chinese Kung Fu brings to people, and this benefit is not only reflected in the body The above is more embodied in the inner spirit-an inner peace and harmony.”That is to say, maybe you are 80 years old, but you feel more healthy than 60 people.” Dennis said affirmatively:”And the benefit of these Chinese Kung Fu is that you are from any fighting sport-whether it is boxing, free fight It’s still a combination of fighting-it’s not available.”

Kung Fu is a philosophy of life

“When in Spain, my master always Joking with me, saying that one day I will grab his job.” Dennis said with a smile.

Dennis is really crazy about Wing Chun. When in Spain, he often went to the martial arts for five days a week. During the holidays, he even went to the martial arts three times a day. When he was at home, he watched many related videos online. Lying in bed at night, he kept thinking about the questions he would ask Master tomorrow. In college, Dennis even asked the teacher for a three-month leave to practice martial arts. Although his martial arts teacher criticized him for abandoning his studies in order to practice martial arts, “My master saw that I am different, that is my love for Wing Chun. I’m not a martial arts wizard, I’m just for this Things are very devoted.” He said firmly.

Later, Dennis came to China. One of the first few things he did was to find a Wing Chun Wu Guan to continue studying. By looking for Jinan Yongchun Boxing on the Internet, he met his current master, Master Lu Weide. Dennis felt lucky to meet Master.”He taught me the traditional essence of Wing Chun, the great Kung Fu school I have been looking for before-the way to breathe, think and act.”

I was asked to practice Kung Fu to a foreigner It’s not difficult to say, Danny Stein replied:”Kung Fu includes all Chinese martial arts schools, there are too many punches, kicks, catches, Pushing, hitting and other skills. It is undeniable that it is really difficult to understand and master all these skills.”

However, Dennis has a deeper understanding of Kung Fu.”If we don’t just look at martial arts from the perspective of martial arts, but look at it as a philosophy of life, then we may understand it better.”

For Kung Fu, Dennis has his own definition– That is”more than kung fu”. He believes that Kung Fu is a collection of Chinese martial arts, but it surpasses this collection. Kung fu is a philosophy of life based on moral principles passed on by martial arts practitioners, such as kindness, respect, emotional self-control, happiness, patience, inner peace, and so on. Dennis believes that the Chinese Kung Fu brings great spiritual power.

“Kung Fu actually exists in every day of life:when we first get up in the morning, we thank life and appreciate everything around us; we take care and improve our own health and the health of our companions as much as possible; we Respect your body and eat healthy; we clean our home happily… these are practicing kung fu.”

“Kung fu makes people more passionate about life and more passionate about everything they do .Kung Fu affects me every day, both physically and psychologically. Indeed, in addition to improving physical health, exercise will also indirectly benefit mental health. But if you understand Kung Fu, you can feel what it brings to you. All kinds of benefits, and reached a state of yin and yang balance mentally.”

Fell in love with a Chinese girl

Dennis’s love for Yongchun is almost Crazy. However, if you think that he came to China as if it was performed in a Kung Fu movie, you have come to learn from the teacher for thousands of miles, then you are wrong. In fact, his story of coming to China is a romantic love movie. In 2017, on a language exchange platform, Dennis met a Chinese girl who also became his current wife. At the time, Dennis wanted to practice English, and the girl wanted to improve Spanish. As a result, the two began to chat every day and eventually fell in love.”A few months later, she decided to come to Spain to see me. At that time, we decided to be together and do everything we could to avoid falling in love.”

Dennis who came to China began to learn Chinese, also Get in touch with more Chinese culture.”Before I knew my wife, except for some words related to Wing Chun or Kung Fu, or some vocabulary derived from the pronunciation of Cantonese, I basically knew nothing about Chinese. In fact, before I don’t know. I only know that it may be the oldest country in the world, with 5000 years of history and culture. After practicing kung fu, I gradually became interested in China.”

Learning Chinese is difficult, but Dennis told us:”Tone, writing, grammar… from the beginning I thought that I couldn’t learn Chinese at all, and now I started to understand it bit by bit, which is amazing!” He said that although his Chinese level is still good Very bad, but every day he made a little progress, which made him extremely happy.

From hobby to career

Wing Chun has become the link between Dennis and China. In China, Master Dennis also saw his love and ability for Wing Chun Boxing and suggested that he open a Wing Chun Boxing School. Although Dennis felt that he would have to practice for a few more years, Master firmly believed that he already had enough skills to create his own Wing Chun Boxing School and encouraged him to start his own business.”Do it and do it. Soon we will start to find places, purchase materials, and renovate our”Zhonghong Yongchun Boxing Hall.” We will open next week.” Dennis told us excitedly.

Now, Dennis is learning Chinese in China and continues to learn and practice Wing Chun Boxing every day. In addition to this, he also began to practice Tai Chi and light exercises. At the same time, he and his wife are also busy with the Wing Chun Wuguan, which will open in Jinan, Shandong.

When asked about his plans for the future, Dennis said that it is his passion to open a Wing Chun martial arts museum in China, so he put a lot of energy into it and was very happy to contribute to this cause.”If all goes well, we will stay in China.” Dennis told us expectantly.

At the end of the interview, the lovely Spanish guy emphasized:”Although I love and love Wing Chun, I came to China because of love.”