Sports express 丨 Luneng warm-up match against Beijingers and Shanxiwang men’s basketball team released warm-up match poster

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Luneng warm-up match against Beijingers and

The new season of the Chinese Super League will kick off on July 25th. Recently, Luneng is also preparing for the club base. Shandong TV Sports Channel reporter understands that tomorrow afternoon, Shandong Luneng will play a warm-up match with the Chinese football team Beijing Renhe at the club base. In addition to aid, domestic players will also face considerable competition. Which players will be shortlisted for the 30-man roster, I believe it will be determined after the warm-up match with Beijingers. According to a reporter from Shandong TV Sports Channel, the Luneng team will fly to Dalian on July 19, and Luneng will usher in the first game of the Super League in the new season on July 26. The opponent is Dalian.

Goal fight! Zibo Cuju warm-up match 7-5 wins Luneng U19 Red Team

On the afternoon of July 15th, Zibo Cuju sits at home and welcomes Shandong Luneng U19 Red Team’s visit. The warm-up match is divided into three sections. In the end, after more than 100 minutes of matches, Zibo Cuju defeated the Luneng U19 Red Team 7-5.

Pre-match poster released by the Mountain King Men’s Basketball Team:Be brave and scheming

July 17 at 12:00, the second stage of the rematch To continue, the Mountain East King Men’s Basketball Team will face Xinjiang Elite in the Qingdao Guoxin Basketball Stadium. Before the game, the Mountain East King men’s basketball team released a pre-game poster:Be brave and scheming. In this game, the Mountain East King’s basketball team Wang Ruheng continued to be sidelined due to injury. After winning the last game of the Tongxi Basketball Team, the team’s results Back to the 8th place in the standings. On the Xinjiang side, the signing of foreign aid in the second stage of the second round of Glover, the team’s overall strength has been reinforced. On yesterday’s media open day, the head coach Gong Xiaobin said of the game against Xinjiang:”Go all out to play every game Competition, strive to achieve a good ranking.”

CBA will be open for ticket sales as soon as next week

According to basketball commentator Su Qun, CBA is in talks with the Qingdao municipal government and is preparing to At the beginning of the last rounds of the regular season, try to open the stands and let the audience enter. It is reported that such talks have been back and forth for several rounds, and now the official application report has been submitted to the Qingdao Municipal Government, and the possibility of going to the field to watch the ball is increasing. .

Official:5 players in a single game, major leagues can choose to continue to the next season

July 15, Beijing time, International Football Association The Board of Governors (IFAB) decided that the currently implemented rule of five players in a single game could be continued until next season. Affected by the epidemic situation, the schedule of major competitions was intensive after the rematch. In order to prevent players from being injured, the rule of five players in a single game has become mainstream. From now on to the major leagues completed before July 31, 2021 and the national team competitions that ended in July/August 2021, IFAB said that the organizers can decide whether to continue to use this rule.

Qatar World Cup 2022 schedule announced

July 15th, Qatar World Cup 2022 schedule announced, this World Cup will last 28 days, in 2022 From November 21st to December 18th. The Qatar World Cup is also held for the first time in the winter in the Northern Hemisphere. The opening game of the World Cup will be kicked off at 18:00, November 21, 2022, Beijing time, and the host Qatar will play.

Official! The Premier League summer transfer window opens on July 27

July 15 news, Premier League The official confirmed the opening time of this summer’s transfer window, this summer’s Premier League transfer window will officially begin on July 27. Compared with the opening of the previous year’s transfer window in early June, this year’s Premier League has been affected by the new crown epidemic. The league is still in progress, and the corresponding transfer window opening time has also been forced to be postponed. After discussion, the new Opening hours. The summer transfer window lasts 10 weeks and is open until October 5th. The window will be officially closed at 5 pm local time on October 5th.