Sports Links | Liverpool lost to Arsenal missed record, Lin Dan talks about Li Zongwei again

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Lakazette used Liverpool to prevent mistakes and score goals.

In the early morning of the 16th, European football continued many heavyweight dialogues.

In the Premier League, the Liverpool player made a low-level mistake and was reversed by Arsenal 2-1 and missed the tie Or break the Manchester City Premier League record.

In Serie A, Juventus 3-3 Sassuolo won three consecutive games. And AC Milan continued their good post-match status, reversing 3-1 Parma.

Liverpool defender made a mistake while busy.

Liverpool lost to Arsenal, the percentage record is hopeless

In the early hours of the 16th, Premier League champion Liverpool played against Arsenal away and scored the first goal in Mane. With the lead, Liverpool made two consecutive low-level turnovers. Arsenal’s Lacazette and Nelson scored two goals to help the Gunners complete a 2-1 reversal.

After losing this game, Liverpool still have only 93 points. After winning two games, the points this season are up to 99 points, destined not to break Guardiola’s Manchester City set a record for the Premier League in the 2017-2018 season.

Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson also made a mistake.

The inability to hit the percentage record may be beneficial to Chelsea, who is competing for the fourth, which means that the Blues will greatly increase the probability of winning points or even winning in the next round of guest and Liverpool games.

At the same time, according to statistics, since Klopp took office in October 2015, the German led the team to 5 wins and 3 in the 8 Premier League games against Arsenal. Ping-This game is the first time Klopp has lost to Arsenal in the league.

Klopp helpless on the sidelines.

“We had two extreme lacks of attention, we took a nap after 1-0, especially before the goal was dropped in the first half. Our performance was actually very good, we and the other side The number of shots is 24-3, which is incredible, but these two goals stifled our game.”

Klopp required the team to learn 100%from the game,” Maybe we have been lazy, once, twice, maybe three times, but we were punished tonight. On the one hand, it happened, which is good, because we have to learn from it.”

C Luo and Higuain were very frustrated.

Juventus won three games, Cristiano Ronaldo returned without success

In the early morning of the 16th, Serie A leader Juventus visited the recent four consecutive victories of Sassolo, Danilo and Higuain’s goals once gave the Zebra Legion a 2-0 lead, but Sassolo has since advanced Three goals. Fortunately, Sandro equalized the score and the two sides shake hands 3-3.

According to the previous 2-4 reversal of Milan and 2-2 draw with Atlanta, Juventus has been unable to win for three consecutive games.

“The head coach wants his team to remain stable. This is something we have been lacking both physically and mentally. We have very powerful moments in a game, and there are Some incomprehensible passive moments.”

Sari was not satisfied with the team’s performance. Of course, he also thinks that the team has encountered some excellent teams recently,”Sassolo Four consecutive victories have been achieved. If you let any team pass in the one-third area on our side, they will become very dangerous.”

Ronaldo The record ended in this field.

Fortunately, Juventus still has a 7-point lead. When it comes to the goal of fighting for the Serie A championship, Sarri said:”We must score another 9 points, so that we can ensure the championship trophy.”

In this game, Ronaldo did not score goals or assists. This is very rare-the last time he did not score in the league, it will be traced back to November last year. On the 10th, after experiencing 18 consecutive goals or assists, Ronaldo finally experienced a seemingly blank game, ending the magic record of 248 days.

At the same time, Cristiano Ronaldo also missed a series of records in this game, including 50 goals in Serie A, including 10 consecutive Serie A away goals, including the overtaking of Immobili ranked first in the scorer list. , Including 19 consecutive Serie A scores or assists.

Lin Dan talks about Li Zongwei’s relationship:when he was young, he wanted to fight

Recently, Lin Dan’s guest Deng Yaping’s show, he talked about his relationship with Li Zongwei.

When talking about Li Zongwei, Lin Dan praised:”He is a very good and very great athlete.”

Because of his strength, it made me two full The gold content of the slam is so high.” At the same time, Lin Dan also admitted that when he was young, he had a strong gunpowder smell with Li Zongwei:”I wish that two people would fight without the Internet.”

But as we get older Long, the attitudes of the two have changed since they started a family. Lin Dan described this relationship as:”I must win you in the game, but we can talk for a while regardless of whether we win or lose.”

Deng Yaping It was also revealed on Weibo that Lin Dan had not yet announced his retirement when recording the program and still maintained a 24/7 training schedule for professional athletes.

Milan reverses Palma, 5 wins and 2 draws after the rematch

In another Serie A match, AC Milan reversed Palma 3-1 at home, points Naples tied for sixth place.

Serie A achieved 5 wins and 2 draws after the Milan semi-finals, 4 points away from the fifth place in Rome, and before the match Milan just announced to buy out Danish defender Keal,”When we won During the game, our dressing room will create a special atmosphere, making us feel that everything is possible.”

Kyar said,”We have been growing during this time, indicating It’s new to our teammates and coaches.”

At this point, head coach Pioli has also walked out of the crisis of trust that he had been stuck in for a while.”The team’s spiritual strength has improved a lot because they are now aware To their own abilities. They try to maintain balance and keep on advancing.”

“You cannot expect a new coach and a relatively new team to be immediately stable. We There were some good signs before the offseason, and now we are harvesting the results after 6 months of cooperation.”

Pioli looks very happy,”I think Enjoy the time working with this excellent team, because coaching them is a pleasure.”

Former German international Schüller.

Dortmund:Negotiations with Scherle to terminate the contract

The Bundesliga Dortmund Club announced on the 15th that it has reached an agreement with German winger Schuler, who helped the German team win the 2014 World Cup championship, and the two sides officially canceled the contract.

29-year-old Xuerle joined Dortmund in 2016. His contract with the team will expire in 2021, but because of the obvious decline in the status of Xuerle in recent seasons, he is not in the coach Favre’s plan for next season.

The last time Schulle played for Dortmund was back in May 2018. Since then, he has been loaned to Fulham and Sparta Moscow, but whether in England or Russia, Schulle It is difficult to find the peak state.

“Looking back (for Dortmund), there are both peaks and troughs. Both in your career and personal life, you have left a lot of precious experiences,” Schüller said on the Dortmund official website. .

The highlight of Xuerle’s career was at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. In the final against Germany in Argentina at the time, it was Xuerle who made a continuous breakthrough on the left wing in overtime and sent a pass, assisting Goete to score a lore goal, helping the German team win the championship trophy.

Single game change for 5 people continues to next season

On the 15th, the International Football Association Council (IFAB) officially announced that the current single game change The five-person rule can be continued until next season.

The International Football Association Council made this decision after the 15th meeting. It was affected by the new crown epidemic. After the rematch, the schedule of the major games was too intensive. In order to prevent players from being injured, they changed for five people in a single game. The new rules become the current mainstream.

Under the new rules, each team can change 5 players per game, but the number of substitutions is still only 3 times. At the same time, the International Football Association Council pointed out that each league has the right to choose whether to use this rule.

Judging from the current situation in the mainstream European leagues, teams are generally more comfortable with the five-person substitution plan. The upcoming Super League will also adopt such rules.

In recent days, the major European leagues are also finalizing the specific time of the new season transfer window. On the 15th, the Premier League officially confirmed that this summer the Premier League transfer window will officially start on July 27.

Compared with the opening of the previous year’s transfer window in early June, this year’s Premier League has been affected by the new crown epidemic. The league is still in progress, and the opening time of the corresponding transfer window has been forced to be delayed. After discussion, a new opening time was finally determined.

The summer transfer window lasts 10 weeks and is open until October 5th. The window will be officially closed at 5 pm local time on October 5th.