Statue of British demonstrators”replaces” statue of slave trader

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On July 15, a statue of a female African demonstrator was erected in Bristol, England. (Xinhua News Agency/Milian)

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, July 16th (Reporter Wu Baoshu) Brisbane, United Kingdom A statue of Edward Colston, a 17th-century slave trader in the city of Tor, was pulled down by demonstrators early last month. A statue of a local African-American demonstrator was erected on the empty pedestal this month.

Erected on the spot

The new statue was created by the famous British artist Mark Quinn. Without the city government’s knowledge, Quinn asked people to erect a statue in the early morning of the 15th.

A group of anti-racial discrimination demonstrators pulled down the statue of Coleston and pushed it into the river on June 7. Demonstrator Jane Reed stood on the vacant base, raised his right arm and made a fist. The life-size statue created by Quinn portrays Reed.

Quin posted a photo of the Reed statue on social media and wrote that Reed and he made this new”temporary” public statue public.

Reed witnessed his statue erect. In an interview with the British”Guardian”, she said that the statue is”awesome” and will”continue the discussion.”

The statue of Colston was erected in 1895. Colston was a Bristol. During his tenure at the time, the British royal African company, he participated in the business of trafficking Africans as slaves to the Americas. After leaving office, he continued to engage in the slave trade as an individual, and was once a member of the British Parliament.

Pending decision

Bristol Mayor Marvin Rees issued a statement on the 15th that Quinn did not apply to the city government to erect the statue,” What must be erected on that pedestal must be determined by the citizens of Bristol.”

Rees said that some people in Bristol rejoiced that the statue of Colston was pulled down; some people were disappointed and disappointed with the act of pulling down the statue while others supported the removal of the statue; others felt that the statue was removed Make the city”missing”.

The Jamaican mayor said last month that the city government will put the statue of Coleston in the museum and display it with placards in anti-racial discrimination demonstrations, so that people can better understand the number. A century of slave trade history and the struggle for racial equality.

American African-American man George Freud died on May 25 after being violently enforced by police in Minnesota, which triggered anti-racial discrimination demonstrations in many places in the United States. Demonstrations also appeared in Britain, France and other countries.