Still pretending to be deaf and dumb? The U.S. epidemic continues to deteriorate

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Recently, in an interview at the White House, Trump once again shocked four people. “Professionals who dump pots” splashed dirty water on their old counterparts this time, Biden and Obama. He said that now the two are blocking the virus detection,”they don’t want to have more detections.”

The epidemic continues to worsen, and Trump’s words are amazing:both blame Biden and Obama

According to Observer Network It was reported on July 14th that on the 13th local time, at the White House press conference, in the face of the reporter’s sharp questions, Trump again spoke amazingly. The reporter asked,”You said many times before, the increase in the number of diagnoses is due to the increase in the number of tests, then do you admit that there may be other reasons for the increase in the number of diagnoses, for example, it may be because the epidemic is really spreading, How do you stop the spread of the epidemic?”

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For this , Trump did not respond positively, saying the government’s next plan for epidemic prevention. Instead, he routinely boasted that he said complacently,”We are one of the countries with the lowest mortality rates in the world.” Trump’s response is a bit unclear.”You know, Obama and Biden are blocking detection,” Trump continued.”They are blocking detection. You may have heard about it, but I’m sure you won’t report it. They have been blocking virus detection because they don’t want to There are more detections.”

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Dedicated Yu hit his face:Trump’s previous “slow detection” remarks caused controversy.

For Trump this time to throw the pot to political opponents Biden and Obama, the mainstream US media seems to have been surprised Weird. But Trump seems to have forgotten who has been blocking the virus detection. On June 20th, not long ago, Trump said himself at the presidential election rally in Oklahoma When asked to slow down the testing of subordinate departments, he said that testing is a double-edged sword. The more the number of tests, the more people will be diagnosed.”The reason why we have more cases is because of the tests we have done so far. More than any other country”, so”I tell my subordinates, slow down the detection speed.”

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This remark came out, and there was an uproar. Rump’s ridiculous remarks questioned the pressure of public opinion, and the White House had to hurry out of the round, saying “the president is joking, he has never given such an order”. White House spokesperson Kelly McKennani said at a subsequent briefing that any claims from the outside world that hinted at reducing virus detection are”unfounded, and this is just a joke by the president.”

The number of diagnoses exceeded 3.54 million, but the president was pretending to be deaf and dumb

On June 23, 3 days after Trump said”slow detection”, Asked by reporters,”Are you kidding or really slowing down testing?” Trump replied very firmly,”I’m not kidding, I tell you very clearly that we are better than the testing system of any country in the world. The more you get, the more people will be diagnosed.”

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As of 14:13 on July 15, the new US crown The cumulative number of confirmed cases of pneumonia has exceeded 3.54 million cases, and the death toll is close to 140,000. In the face of the deteriorating epidemic, Trump is still covering his ears and stealing his bells. While pretending to be deaf and dumb, he never forgets to use this to attack political enemies. His words and deeds are surprising, and I don’t know how Biden will fight back.