Suarez:Barcelona’s hopes of winning the championship are slim, it is our own pot

By yqqlm yqqlm

Barça striker Suarez said in an interview with the”World Sports News” that the team’s hopes of winning this season are very slim, The responsibility is on the team itself, no other excuses are needed.

“We must criticize ourselves.” Suarez said,”It is we who watched the champion slip away. We also know that the responsibility is on ourselves and we do not intend to make any excuses.”

“Now in order to defend Barcelona’s glory, we must win the last two rounds of the league and then focus on The Champions League, we also have Chance to win the championship.”

“As long as we can play our true level, we will not be afraid of any opponents, but now we lose a game will pay a painful price, so we need every game Do our best.”

“When we fight for important honors, such as the Champions League, we must come up with the performance against Villarreal. As long as we can invest 150%of the concentration , We are omnipotent. The game against Villarreal is our message to the outside world, as long as we are willing, we can do it.”

“As for the topic of VAR, Pick and The president of the club has publicly stated his position, but our rivals are facing Biba and Getafe, so they have also been hurt, not just us.”

“However we do not You should make excuses for yourself, criticize yourself, and face reality is a better way to cope.”