Suarez:It’s already difficult to win the league, we hope to make a breakthrough in the Champions League

By yqqlm yqqlm

Recently, Barça striker Suarez accepted a video interview with the”World Sports News” in which he frankly won the league this season The championship is already very difficult, the team should focus on Champions League.

When referring to the attribution of the league champions this season, Suarez said:”We should conduct self-criticism, we personally bury the chance of winning the championship. Now we can no longer find other excuses, the team needs Finish the next two leagues well. Then we need to focus on the Champions League, because that is the only championship title we can possibly get this season.”

“If every player has If you can prove why you can join a club like Barcelona, ​​then we can beat any opponent. In the Champions League, the cost of any defeat may be heavy, so we need to face each opponent next and play carefully Everyone has all the strength to win the championship.”

For the next Champions League match against Naples, Suarez Said:”We need to be ready to fight for the championship. First of all, we should focus on the game facing Naples before considering other opponents. It is difficult to win the championship under such a schedule, but it is not impossible.”

“We are a team. In the Champions League season before us, we also encountered a lot of trouble in the knockout, but we still achieved victory. When the team is facing difficulties, this can inspire The team’s maximum potential.”