Suitable for daily pressure road, also recommend the running shoes for junior runners-Nike NIKE Zoom Winflo 5

By yqqlm yqqlm

Nike NIKE Zoom Winflo 5 series is a light and breathable, fast and flexible energy feedback, good cushioning effect, the overall design is very rich A sports running shoe with a sense of speed;

Is anyone recently hooked on these shoes?

Advanced light gray with a beautiful orange color scheme, the value of the face is very good, very eye-catching!

Mesh cloth upper, large breathable mesh holes, to ensure that the shoes are very breathable, help promote the air in the shoes when running The circulation of the foot reduces the discomfort of the feet!

Shoe body combined with flying wire technology to stabilize the shoe body and provide foot The support of the part, the sense of wrapping the upper foot is also better;

Using CUSHLON ST foam midsole, lighter and softer, better elasticity, Combined with the ZOOM AIR mounted on the heel, it makes the cushioning of the shoe more excellent, greatly improving the safety protection of the feet and the knee, and the energy feedback of the sole is also more rapid and flexible, which helps reduce energy loss and improve efficiency!

The shoe outsole is a wear-resistant waffle textured rubber outsole , Can control a variety of ground grip, the heel of the outsole, the outer side is covered with orange thick rubber layer, which enhances its wear resistance and slip resistance, and the movement is more secure!

The foot on the shoe is also very light and comfortable, and the cushioning of the shoe is also relatively soft, in addition to daily leisure travel, pressure Outside the road, the shoes are softer and cushioning. For beginner runners, those who have just started to practice running, have no basic running, and are also highly recommended for runners who have less powerful leg muscles!

The color matching of shoes is too much to say!

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