Super League starts the first round of nucleic acid testing:3 times in half a month, copying”CBA operation”

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Peng Mei journalist Song Chengliang

With the official announcement of the Chinese Football Association on the afternoon of the 1st, the Chinese Super League league will be held in July It was carried out on the 25th, and various preparations began to accelerate in the past few days.

Recently, the Chinese Football Association issued a notice to 16 Chinese Super League clubs, requesting the completion of the first round of nucleic acid testing as soon as possible, which is also the most important part of the safe start.

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The player undergoes body temperature testing. CCTV News mobile network map

Previously, whether it was a mainstream European league or an Asian Korean league, multiple rounds of nucleic acid testing were done before restarting, CBA League Before the rematch, each team also carried out three nucleic acid tests-the restart of the Chinese Super League is also based on the standard of three nucleic acid tests.

After the Football Association determined that the league started on July 25, the clubs were immediately required to complete the first round of nucleic acid testing as soon as possible-including all players, coaches and staff. It is expected to be completed as soon as this weekend, and the relevant results report will be available at the beginning of next week at the latest.

According to the preparation plan, each club usually chooses to enter the two divisions of Suzhou and Dalian 7-10 days in advance. According to the requirements of the Chinese Football Association, before leaving for the two divisions, each club must complete the second nucleic acid Test, enter the competition area with two reports of nucleic acid test results

After arriving in the competition area, 16 clubs will also be scheduled for the third round of nucleic acid testing before the official start of the league.

At the same time, according to the experience of CBA, the team will be scheduled for a new round of nucleic acid detection every 10 days after the start of the league. It is expected that after the Super League starts, the Chinese Football Association will also carry out follow-up epidemic prevention at this pace jobs.

The Chinese Football Association said that safety is the most important prerequisite for the semi-finals. This issue cannot be sloppy.

The staff of the Football Association has completed the second round of nucleic acid testing as early as June 30. Prior to the outbreak in Beijing, the General Administration of Sport system had all performed a nucleic acid test at the sports hospital. As a result, the Chinese Football Association all passed-the test on June 30 was the first time that the Football Association staff conducted in the last two weeks. Secondary nucleic acid detection.

This test is also to prepare for in-depth competition. With the determination of the rematch date, the staff of the Chinese Football Association divided the soldiers into two routes and entered Suzhou and Dalian. It is reported that on the 2nd, some staff members have entered the competition area.

According to a reporter from Peng Pai, after arriving in the competition area, the relevant staff also need to undergo a local nucleic acid test in the competition area to ensure foolproof.

In addition to nucleic acid testing, the Chinese Football Association plans to hold a joint meeting of the general manager of the Super League Club in Shanghai on July 7 to discuss the Super League schedule, competition system, foreign aid registration and playing methods, etc. The details of the competition plan are communicated in depth with the representatives of the various parties, and they strive to reach a consensus as soon as possible.

With this meeting, the Chinese Football Association will also communicate with other clubs about other”notes” regarding the start of the league. For example, during the epidemic situation, each team needs to strictly abide by the rules and how to effectively prevent the epidemic during the entry into the competition area.

People in the industry also told Peng Mei News reporters that considering that the first stage of the game will last for two months, this means that players, club personnel and Football Association staff will be closed in Suzhou and Dalian. Management-How to do a good job in the management of the club while ensuring the epidemic prevention work is also an issue that every team needs to face.

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