Survey:35%medical institutions in Japan reduce bonuses, hundreds of nurses want to leave

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According to Japan Kyodo News on the 14th According to the investigation, according to the organization of the Japan Medical Trade Union Federation, about 35%of the 354 medical institutions indicated to the union that the bonus for nurses and others this summer will be lower than the summer of 2019. A union of faculty members at Tokyo Women’s Medical University said the school will not issue bonuses, and hundreds of nurses have already hoped to leave.

According to reports, two medical institutions in Tokyo also said that no bonus will be issued. Japanese media analysis said that the increase in the cost of responding to new coronavirus infections, coupled with the restrictions on the consultation of ordinary patients, etc. Business deteriorated. The head of the Medical Labor Federation said:”The central government’s financial support is needed to maintain the medical care delivery system.”

The union of Tokyo Women’s Medical University’s faculty and staff pointed out that the school notified the union that the bonus was zero this summer on the grounds that the operation deteriorated. It is reported that hundreds of nurses want to leave. In an interview, the school said it was”inconvenient to answer.”

The medical labor union said that as of the 13th, about 400 medical institutions had responded to the bonus issue. Among them, based on the 354 organizations that can be compared with 2019 based on the number of months of payment, 122 companies replied that they would reduce their bonuses, accounting for about 35%.

Reported that in the response material, it also included the”losses since the start of the legal person” proposed by the Fukushima Prefecture hospital”The Tokyo Hospital’s”loss of nearly 3 billion yen from April to May”, and the Okinawa Hospital’s”if the status quo is maintained, will face the operating crisis that has never been experienced” and other contents, which shows the serious financial situation of medical institutions.

On the other hand, the answer bonus will be higher than the summer 2019 level, only 42 medical institutions, accounting for about 12%. 190 institutions said that the bonus payments will be the same as 2019, accounting for about 54%.

According to surveys by the Japan Hospital Association, among the 1,203 hospitals comparable to 2019, 66.7%had deficits in April.