Suspected of tax evasion and property of unknown origin The old Spanish king or was driven out of the palace?

By yqqlm yqqlm

The life of the former King of Spain Juan Carlos I was not only disgraced, but also the news that his son, the current King Felipe VI, was driven out of the palace, which shocked the Spaniards.

According to Spanish Catalonia TV reported on the 15th, The Spanish prosecutor received a report from the Swiss prosecutor, claiming that Juan Carlos I was suspected of huge property tax evasion and unknown property origin, and asked Spain to investigate. After fierce debate, Congress unanimously decided whether to investigate the suspected corruption case of the old king and let the current king decide.

It is reported that whether to check or not to check? Felipe VI was in trouble. The investigation is in accordance with public opinion, but if problems are found, it will be even more difficult. If the order is not checked, although the old king’s night can be preserved, it may cause public protest. The analysis believes that Felipe VI may first”invite” his father out of the palace to make civilians angry, before deciding whether to investigate. Some media reported that the old king had plans to emigrate to foreign countries.

(Global Times)