Taiwan’s 50-year-old helicopter donated to Honduras crashes

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Helicopter crash schematic

Overseas.net, July 16 (local time) On July 14, local time, a UH-1H helicopter number FAH-950 of the Honduran Air Force crashed and 4 people on board The team members have been sent to medical treatment. It is reported that the helicopter was donated to Honduras for Taiwan in 2015. Taiwan’s foreign affairs department hurriedly dumped the pan and said that the crew was not in danger. The age of these batches of UH-1H helicopters is also nearly 50 years.

According to the Honduran Herald, the Honduran Armed Forces spokesperson Jose Kolo confirmed that a helicopter of the Air Force accidentally fell during night practice on Tuesday evening (July 14), The helicopter number is FAH-950. According to the preliminary investigation, the cause of the accident may be the failure of the hydraulic system. There were four Air Force members on board, one colonel, one captain, one lieutenant and one commander. After being injured, the four were taken to the Honduran Military Hospital.

The helicopter landed near the Toncontin International Airport. After the crash, it immediately caught fire. Local residents pointed out that the moment they saw the helicopter fall, the residents who lived nearby also heard violent Explosion. A few minutes after the accident, there were many videos on the social network when the helicopter crashed. The images showed an explosion at the scene, but because of the dim light, the details were difficult to recognize.

The Honduran media reported that after the helicopter crash, four soldiers were rescued in time, and the Honduran Air Force Accident Accident Committee immediately rushed to the scene to investigate, and then will further publish an investigation report.

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The picture shows the helicopter crash explosion site

It is understood that the crashed Taiwan UH-1H helicopter was donated by Honduras from Taiwan in 2015. Taiwan’s”Central News Agency”,”United News Network” and so on On July 15th, domestic media paid attention to the response of Taiwan’s foreign affairs department to the helicopter crash. Taiwan Foreign Affairs Department spokesperson Ou Jiangan admitted on the evening of July 15 that the helicopter donated to Taiwan, but always emphasized that the four crew members on board have been sent to medical treatment and there is no danger to their lives.

Ou Jiangan claimed that the helicopter was in the capital of Honduras Tegucigalpa (Tegucigalpa) during the night flight test. The crash occurred around the airport, and relevant units are investigating the cause of the crash. Ou Jiangan admitted that the crashed UH-1H helicopter donated the so-called”diplomatic country” Honduras in 2015, but argued that from 2015 to 2017, Taiwan had sent personnel to assist in maintenance. From 2017, the Brazilian company was appointed to be responsible for the Honduran military UH-1H Helicopter maintenance operations.

For Taiwan’s foreign affairs department, the people on the island scoffed:“It means nothing to do with me.” “For more than 50 years, how long do you want to fly?” , Can it not be destroyed?” Some netizens reminded on the social network:”To thoroughly check the situation of other helicopter turbines donated by Taiwan, they are still in use.”

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The picture shows the crash of the Honduran helicopter in 2017> p>

Another netizen recalled that on December 16, 2017, a military helicopter in Honduras crashed in the central part of the country, killing all six people including the sister of President Juan Hernández on the plane, and The helicopter number is also FAH-950. In addition, Taiwan’s UH-1H helicopter donated to Paraguay in 2019 only flew for more than three months and crashed. At that time, Ou Jiangan also responded by stating,”Fortunately, the 12 crew members on the aircraft were only slightly injured and there were no major casualties.”

Taiwan media reported that in the 1970s, the Taiwan Aviation Development Center (later changed to Hanxiang Company) cooperated with Bell Corporation of the United States to produce 50 UH-1H helicopters. In 1976, all 118 UH-1H production operations were completed. Delivery. With the introduction of UH-60MBlack Hawk helicopter, after the UH-1H helicopter has been in service for more than 40 years, the Taiwan Army Command will have all UH-1H is decommissioned. The Taiwan Army transferred some UH-1H helicopters to”AIA” after refurbishment, and the remaining decommissioned UH-1H helicopters were handed over to aeronautical maintenance schools for teaching purposes. Among them, the”AIA” that received these”senior helicopters” included Honduras , Paraguay, Guatemala, Burkina Faso, etc.

It is understood that Honduras is one of the 15 remaining so-called”diplomatic diplomatic states” in Taiwan, and there have been many official news that it will”break diplomatic relations” with Taiwan. Rosa Elena Bonilla, the former first lady of Honduras, was arrested on suspicion of embezzling millions of dollars of public funds. When investigating the details of the stolen money, the police found that 255,000 US dollars (about 1.78 million yuan) were from Taiwan.

Source:Overseas Network