Taiwan’s”Han Guang” exercise previews the small boat toppling 2 people’s breathing and heartbeat stopped 1 person is missing

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“China Times Electronic News” data map

Taiwan Army”Hanguang” exercise will be held in this book Held on the 13th, when the Taiwan Marine Corps 99 Brigade Second Battalion conducted a drill on the 3rd, a boat overturning incident occurred, causing 2 people to lose their breathing heartbeat and 1 missing soldier. In response, the Taiwan military confirmed that it was looking for the missing person.

According to Taiwan’s “Dongsen News Cloud”, the Taiwan Army’s “Hanguang 36” exercise will be conducted from July 13th to 17th, and from September 14th to 18th Push”. During the training on the morning of the 2nd Battalion of the 99th Marine Brigade, the Taiwan Marine Corps, a boat overturning accident occurred, causing a total of 1 person to disappear, 2 people to lose their breathing and heartbeat, and 2 people were immediately sent to the hospital for rescue. In addition, military personnel have also confirmed that they are”working hard to find the missing person”.

Reported that one of the two injured is currently in emergency treatment in the ICU, and the situation is quite critical, while the other injured was rescued at the burn and scald center and has been fitted with Ye Ke film.

The”Han Guang” exercise has always been the annual routine exercise with the highest level, the largest scale, the most complete set of courses, and the highest synthesis of the Taiwan military. Since the exercise”Hanguang No. 1″ was held in 1984, the exercise was basically held once a year and was characterized by”actual installation, actual soldiers, and live ammunition”. The Taiwan authorities have spent a lot of money on carrying out such a large-scale battle exercise. On the one hand, it is to test the combat capabilities of the soldiers and to test the use of weapons and equipment. However, the”Han Guang” exercise has been accidentally frequent for many years. Instead of stabilizing people’s hearts, it has caused panic.

In September 1994, the”Successful Ship” phalanx rapid artillery mistakenly attacked the Golden Eagle Airlines Learjet-35 jet off Taitung. All four crew members were killed. During the exercise of Hanguang 23 on May 2007, the Taiwan Air Force F-5F fighter jet crashed in the Hukou camp area, affecting the soldiers and soldiers of the Starlight Force, A total of 4 deaths and 9 injuries. In August 2016, during the exercise of Hanguang No. 32, a”Tiger Tiger” tank accidentally tipped into the net yarn stream, and three of the five officers and soldiers on board were killed.

In June 2018, an F-16 fighter plane of the Taiwan Army crashed and the pilot was killed. In addition, when the”special combat paratrooper” jumped out of the cabin, the parachute did not open, and”free-falling” fell to the ground and was seriously injured.

During the exercise on May 28, 2019, a medium-sized tactical wheeled vehicle hit the fence and caused the front of the vehicle to be partially destroyed. 15 people were injured.

The most criticized thing is that in the 2006 exercise, two missiles missed the target and actually landed on the sea surface not far from the then Taiwan leader Chen Shuibian. The”Commander of the Three Armies” has almost become a target and was hit by its own missiles, allowing the outside world to”see” the combat capabilities of the Taiwan Army.