Take it and leave without queuing. Box ponies hatched by box horses must grab the breakfast market

By yqqlm yqqlm

China Business Daily/China Business Network (Reporter Ran Longnan) Hema’s new business format has once again been successfully incubated. On July 14th, Hema’s official WeChat public account”Hema Bulletin Board” announced that its new breakfast format, Pick&39;n Go (the main self-promoted format of”take and take, no queue”), was successfully incubated and officially upgraded to” Box Pony”. At the same time, a number of Box Pony stores will open soon.

Unlike Hema Xiansheng and Hema mini (mini), Pick&39;n Go is more like a stall. Judging from its first store opened in the Gefei Center in Huangpu District, Shanghai on July 1, last year, the format is mainly composed of artificial counters and self-collecting containers. Ordering and cash registering are mainly completed by the Hema App, but there are still manual services. For meals, Box Pony offers a variety of Chinese breakfast such as pancakes, steamed buns, finger cakes, snacks, soy milk, porridge, etc., plus a small amount of Western-style bread and coffee, totaling more than 40 kinds. Box Pony meals are all fresh and freshly prepared, allowing urban residents to have an efficient, rich and healthy choice beyond convenience stores and Western-style fast food restaurants.

The unique feature lies in Pick&39;n Go’s ordering mode. Consumers can use mobile phones to order on the road, and then scan the code directly at the store to take the meal. Hou Yi, president of Alibaba Group’s Hema Business Group, once said that the emergence of this format is mainly to solve the problem of buying breakfast in convenience stores.

As for Hema, which was originally a brand of RT-Mart and Hema, the first store was opened in Suzhou, Jiangsu on June 2, 2018. In addition to continuing the sale of Hema fresh to fresh, the scale was adjusted , Also added a special zone for sporting goods. At the time, Box Pony adopted a unified store and warehouse, online and offline operation mode, no need to download the App, through the mobile phone Taobao Taoxian to place orders, support three kilometers around the store delivery, one hour home service. In terms of business model alone, it is closer to the smaller version of Hema Fresh.

Since its birth, Hema has developed rapidly. In June 2018, the first store of Box Pony Suzhou opened for operation. In August 2018, Box Pony, which had only been on the ground for two months, had begun to test the franchise model, recruiting franchisees in some cities, and officially opened to join in October of the same year. Official Box Pony data shows that as of January 18 last year, the total number of Box Pony stores nationwide reached 16.

However, it has been in operation for less than a year. In April last year, the first store of Suzhou Pony Suzhou was closed, and the Shanghai Zhonghai Huanyu Store was also changed to the Hema mini last year, which is also the first Hema in the country. mini. Subsequently, Box Pony gradually faded out of the market. RT-Mart seems to have given up the box of ponies. According to a reporter from China Business Daily, its latest mini-tested store was named”X-Run RT-mini” to locate a community fresh supermarket.

Now, Hema announced that Pick&39;n Go is officially upgraded to Box Pony. From the perspective of Pick&39;n Go’s store model, the new Box Pony should be different from the previous operation of RT-Mart. , More preserved the Pick&39;n Go gene.

The emergence of the new version of Box Pony also benefits from the upgrade of the Shanghai breakfast project. According to the relevant person in charge of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce, the upgraded version of the Shanghai breakfast project will be launched from three dimensions:vigorously promote”convenience store + breakfast service””new retail + breakfast service””mobile dining car + breakfast service””Internet platform + breakfast The development of innovative modes such as”service” makes breakfast more convenient, richer and healthier. Box Pony’s “breaking into” the Shanghai breakfast market has also given consumers more expectations.

In fact, this is not the first time Hema has announced the successful incubation of a new format. Hema has successively incubated Hema Xiansheng, Hema F2, Hema Vegetable Market, Hema mini, Hema small station formats. At the beginning of this year, Hema announced that it would upgrade the pre-warehouse business model of Hema Small Station to the community shop business model of Hema mini. The Hema mini successfully stepped out of Shanghai not long ago and opened two new stores in Beijing, opening the road of large-scale replication across the country.

Obviously, Hema has greater ambitions in laying out new formats this year. Hema mini just announced the launch of nationwide large-scale replication, Hou Yi set the goal of opening 100 stores this year. And this time Pick&39;n Go announced the upgrade box pony, but also announced that many stores will open in August. In the face of fierce market competition, the reporter of China Commercial Daily will continue to pay attention to whether Box Pony can stand firm in the breakfast market.