Tan Desai:America is still the center of the global epidemic,”difficult to return to normal” in the short term

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China News Service, July 15th, according to Singapore’s Lianhe Zaobao, WHO Director General Tan Desai pointed out at an online press conference that too many countries are improperly managing the new crown epidemic, resulting in a foreseeable future, People will not be able to return to the”old normal”. He also said that the current epidemic center is still in the Americas.

Tan Desai pointed out that too many countries are moving in the wrong direction. The leaders of some countries have sent out ambiguous messages about the epidemic and are weakening the most critical element in their efforts to respond to the epidemic:trust.

Tan Desai called on all countries to strengthen the leadership of the government and the overall strategic coordination role, and clearly and continuously communicate the anti-epidemic strategy.

Reports that the global new crown epidemic is getting more and more serious. According to Reuters statistics, the number of confirmed cases has surged to about 1 million cases in just five days, with a total of more than 13 million and more than 570,000 people killed by the new crown.

On July 13, local time, tourists visited the San Francisco Zoo in the United States California.

Data shows that confirmed cases and deaths in the Americas account for more than half of the world. At present, the United States is still the country with the most severe epidemic. According to data from Johns Hopkins University, the cumulative number of diagnoses in the United States exceeds 3.42 million, of which the number of deaths exceeds 135,000.

Reuters analysis shows that in the past two weeks, cases in about 40 of the 50 states in the United States have increased rapidly. Florida, Arizona, Texas and California are new hot spots.

Fuchs, an infectious disease expert in the United States, pointed out that the surge in cases in the United States was because the country did not have a comprehensive blockade, and then rushed to restart. He emphasized that states must strictly abide by basic protection principles such as maintaining social distance and wearing masks, in order to control the epidemic.